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Gentek is an evil company for videogame Prototype. They are the center for trouble throughout the game.

This company is founded by Raymond McMullen after he found Elizabeth Greene, a citizen of Hope, Idaho, infected with a virus. Because of how she managed to endure it, this inspires Gentek's foundation, and Alex Mercer works for that company.

He took in Greene and managed to turn an already deadly virus to 10x deadlier. It is called the Blacklight Virus. Alex then begin to have a news leak about this, and Peter Randall finds that unacceptable. As a result, he finds Gentek scientists who have knowledge of the virus being executed by Blackwatch, the evil army who owns the company; he manages to flee with the sample of the virus. Knowing there's no way out with Blackwatch cornering him, he unleashed the virus in New York City, resulting in his death and birth of Zeus.

Since then, Gentek scientists are on the run from Blackwatch so that they can't be executed for their crimes.


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