"It's not about the physical. I have to break his spirit!!"
~ Genthru, about defeating Gon.

Genthru, also known as The Bomber, is the main antagonist of the Greed Island arc of Hunter x Hunter. He is the leader of a group called "The Bombers".

He is voiced by Tsuyoshi Koyama and Hiroyuki Yoshino in the Japanese version, and by Todd Haberkorn in the English version.


Genthru was recruited by Battera to beat the game Greed Island. It is possible he is a Hunter, though it is not confirmed. 

Gon and Killua first learned about the bombings when they saw the corpse of Jeet, who was killed by the Bomber. Gon and Killua were asked to join an alliance with a group containing Genthru and Nickes, but Gon refused, believing it to be an insult to his father's game to steal cards.

Later, Genthru revealed himself to be the bomber, and told everyone he placed a time bomb on them. When Jispa attacked him, Genthru killed him with his Little Flower. After Nickes handed over all of the cards the alliance collected, Genthru, along with his associates Sub and Bara, killed every member.

Genthru and his companions continued to steal cards. He also kidnapped players and forced them to risk their lives using the card "Risky Dice". They were mostly competing against the player Tsezguerra. Tsezguerra offered a trade with the bombers, but Genthru had captives disguised as Sub and Barra, so they could steal Tsezguerra's cards.

After Gon and his friends won the card "Plot of Beach", Genthru demanded that they give him the card. He revealed he murdered all of their former allies causing Gon to become enraged and challenge him. Tzeguerra and Genthru's team proceeded to use guerilla tactics against each other, by collecting spell cards to constantly teleport and attack on another.

After Tsezguerra left the game, Genthru challenged Gon's team. After chasing them with spell cards, the teams split up, with Gon fighting Genthru, and Killua and Biscuit fighting Sub and Barra.

Genthru and Gon proceeded to fight one another. Gon was so angry at Genthru that he temporarilly ignored the plan he set to defeat Genthru, and battled him one on one. Genthru kept trying to use Little Flower, which Gon kept countering. As they were fighting, Gon allowed Genthru to blow off his hands at the wrist, just so he could aim a kick at Genthru. Genthru pretended to surrender, but then crushed Gon's throat so he couldn't summon his cards. Gon tricked Genthru and opened a hidden pit. Gon then summoned a boulder to fall into the pit, while dodging through a side tunnel. When Genthru was trapped, he tried to surrender, but Gon hit him with his Janken.

After Genthru, Sub, and Barra were defeated, Gon and his friends refused to kill them. Genthru requested that they use Angel's Breath to heal Barra, who was injured by Biscuit, and they agreed.


Genthru is tall and thin with a spiky blond hair. He has an angular face and wears sharp glasses. He is usually wearing a long white coat.



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