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Genus' Clones are antagonists from One Punch Man and are the first antagonists of the series. They are the clones of Dr. Genus and serve as members of the House of Evolution who seek to advance human evolution through genetic manipulation.


Genus' Clones all have the same appearance as Dr. Genus with slick black hair that covers their left eyes and glasses. The clones usually wear white suits with red numbers on the left side of the suit.


Like their original creator, the clones are all smart and intelligent. They believe that society should evolve and are obsessed with human evolution and hope to advance it via genetic manipulation.



Sometime in his past, Dr. Genus had founded the House of Evolution and became its leader. During that time, he had created clones of himself who became the first members of the House of Evolution and they helped him with his experiments on created various creatures for the organization to use.

House of Evolution Arc

Genus' Clones first appear during a meeting where one of the clones is talking to Dr. Genus about the situation where Mosquito Girl was recently killed during a fight between Saitama and Genos. Genus takes an interest in Saitama and orders the clone off. Clones are seen later on at another meeting where they are scared after a group of some of the most powerful warriors in the House of Evolution are all beaten (except for the Armored Gorilla) and are frightened at the idea of unleashing Carnage Beetle but agree that there's no other choice. Once Saitama dn Genos arrive at the House of Evolution's headquarters, Genos completely levels the entire building killing off the majority of the clones and the remaining ones are seen being killed by Carnage Beettle with one of them using an assault rifle against him but is killed anyway. Following Beetle's defeat, Genus is the only one left alive and all the clones are killed since none of them are seen again.

Powers and Abilities

Genus' Clones are primariy non-action and thus have no combat abilities. Like their original creator, the clones are smart and have vast knowledge on genetics and evolution. The clones also have access to advanced technology, resources, and the various creatures that the House of Evolution has the offer. One of the clones was seen wielding an assault rifle showing some abilities with firearms.



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