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You've ruined it all, you clumsy, oafish bitch!
~ Geoff Metcalfe insulting his wife Yasmeen Nazir whilst abusing her both physiologically and emotionally in their coercive control storyline.

Geoffrey "Geoff" Metcalfe is a fictional character and recurring antagonist in the British ITV Soap Opera Coronation Street. He started off as a comic relief character in 2018-2019, but later became the show's main antagonist throughout 2020 when he began controlling and abusing his wife Yasmeen Nazir to the point where he tried to control every aspect of her life, in a coercive control storyline that had been gripping the nation amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

He was also the father of established character Tim Metcalfe, the paternal grandfather of Faye Windass, the maternal great-grandfather of Miley, the ex-husband of Elaine Jones, the widower of Tessa Metcalfe, the father-in-law of Sally Webster, the step-father of Kal, and the step-grandfather of both his nemesis Alya and her brother Zeedan.

He was portrayed by Ian Bartholomew.


Pre-Coronation Street

Geoff was born in 1950 and he married his girlfriend named Phillipa in 1971 after she fell pregnant.

In January 1972, Geoff and Phillipa's son Tim was born.

However, Geoff was abusive to Phillipa. In 1973, after discovering that Geoff was having an affair with her friend Tessa, Phillipa decided that she had enough of Geoff and walked out on him. She did attempt to retrieve Tim, but Geoff told her that he would kill Tim if she came near them again.

In 1974, Geoff divorced Phillipa and married Tessa, whom Tim grew up believing to be his mother and the family moved to Wales. Geoff also made up that Phillipa had died from breast cancer. In reality, Phillipa had changed her name to Elaine Jones, so Geoff would not be able to find her. It is unknown if Geoff's relationship with Tessa was abusive or not.

In 2002, Geoff became a grandfather after Tim had a daughter named Faye with his partner Jenny Butler. However by the time Faye was two, Tim had walked out on Jenny after he could no longer cope with her drug habit and lost contact with her and Faye. Geoff had also lost contact with Tim.

In 2004, Geoff became widowed after Tessa passed away.

For one reason or another, Geoff was unable to take in Faye after she was put into care after the death of Jenny. Faye was adopted by Anna Windass before regaining contact with Tim.

Geoff eventually came into contact with Tim and Faye prior to January 2018 as Tim sent Faye to stay with Geoff in order to protect her from her mother's rapist Pat Phelan, who had also been perpetuating a number of murders and frauds at the same time.

Coronation Street

Geoff was a hospital radio DJ and caught the attention of Audrey Roberts, who was a patient at the hospital at the time. He later moved to Coronation Street to be nearer to his family. After Phelan's death in 2018, Geoff began dating local resident Yasmeen Nazir.

As Geoff and Yasmeen's relationship progressed, he began to show a more sinister side to his personality by controlling every aspect of her life by secretly hiding cameras around her house and staging a burglary to ensure that she was more reliant on him.

Yasmeen's granddaughter Alya began to take a disliking to Geoff, but by this time he had manipulated the situation to ensure that she moved out of the house and even bought into the family business Speed Daal to prevent her from overruling his control.

On February 3rd 2020, Geoff reached a new low after he and Yasmeen do a magic show which goes viral. Yasmeen got her clothes caught in the box, and Geoff later shoved a phone camera in her face and claimed she was getting revenge on him. He also called her a selfish bitch. Geoff later locked Yasmeen in the box as punishment, but she was later freed by Tim.

Later on in the month, Geoff sunk to a disgusting new low as he killed one of Yasmeen's pet chickens Charlotte Bronte as revenge for her not cooking a good dinner for him. When he was confronted about it, Geoff blamed Yasmeen for the chicken's death.

He later attacked Yasmeen with a knife after they returned from The Rovers Return pub whilst also admitting to meeting with escorts behind her back. In self defense, Yasmeen hits Geoff with a wine bottle, which broke and badly cut Geoff. A horrified Yasmeen called 999 and claimed to have killed Geoff. As Yasmeen was arrested, Geoff was later revealed to have survived the attack and claimed that he was arguing with Yasmeen over her "drinking" problem and that she attacked him unprovoked. Tim believed this statement. Alya confronted Geoff at the hospital and declared that Yasmeen should have finished the job and killed Geoff, much to Geoff's shock and Tim's anger, who ordered Alya to leave. A few days later, Yasmeen was charged for attempted murder and remanded in prison after being denied bail.

Later on, Geoff later discharged from hospital and brought home by Tim. However, when attempting to get into the house, Geoff found that his key would not fit into the lock. Alya and her boyfriend Ryan Conner revealed that they had changed the locks, with Alya saying that Geoff would not come near her family again. Geoff was forced to temporarily stay with Tim and his wife Sally at No. 4. Tim reported Alya's actions to the police, who forced Alya to give Geoff the keys to the house. After regaining entry to the house, Geoff got onto his laptop and deleted footage of his and Yasmeen's fight. Just then, Tim came into the house and questioned Geoff on what he was doing, to which Geoff replied that he had installed cameras for security reasons and had been checking to see if they had filmed Yasmeen's "attack" on him, but they had not. When Tim pointed out that he should have told the police about the cameras, Geoff tearfully says that he would get in trouble with the police if they discovered he hadn't said anything. Wanting to placate his father, Tim agreed not to tell the police or Sally about the cameras and keep it a secret between them. Afterwards, Geoff whist taking out rubbish, disposed of the camera in the bin in Tim and Sally's garden, which is later taken to be emptied by bin men.

Alya later learns from her brother-in-law Imran Habeeb, also their lawyer, that he had been looking at Geoff and Yasmeen's bank statements - including one for a hotel bar. Alya believes that it must have been Geoff going to the bar as Yasmeen was staying in the house. She later visits Yasmeen, who tells her about Geoff seeing escorts. Alya later tells this to Sally, who had been growing suspicious towards Geoff in the meantime, at The Rovers Return just as Geoff arrives. Geoff becomes worried after seeing Alya and Sally together. Afterwards, he is confronted by Tim over the news of him seeing escorts; Sally informed Tim about this when she found out from Alya earlier on. Geoff admits to hiring escorts and claims that he did it because Yasmeen refused to have sex with him. Whilst Sally is disgusted at this revelation, Tim says that this would give Yasmeen a motive to kill Geoff. Tim tells Geoff to come clean to the police as it would help in the case, whilst Sally is doubtful as Yasmeen seemed devoted to Geoff. Thereafter Geoff tells the police that Yasmeen had found out about the escorts on the night she attacked him. He also says that he kept this information out of his original statement out of shame.

Following Yasmeen's court hearing, Geoff starts to play mind games on Sally and holds a celebration at the Rovers Return with Tim, hoping that Sally will join them, but she refuses. Alya later arrives and tells Geoff the results of the hearing and how Yasmeen has given her chapter and verse on all of his behavior towards her. Sally listens as Geoff, Tim, Alya and Ryan snipe at each other. Sally later tells Tim that she does not think that Geoff is as innocent as he makes and has him ask Geoff to move back into his own house, which Geoff begrudgingly does, though he is annoyed at Tim for giving into Sally. Geoff later confronted Sally and claimed that their disagreement is affecting Tim's health. He attempts to dismiss her sympathy for Yasmeen as a result of being wrongly imprisoned herself - referring to the time Sally was wrongly imprisoned for fraud after innocently handing a council charity fund over to fraudulent businessman Duncan Radfield. Later on, Geoff later informs his granddaughter Faye about being kicked out of No. 4. Believing Geoff to be innocent, Faye confronts Tim and Sally over this before moving in with Geoff to support him.

In July 2020, Geoff confronted Sally over visiting Yasmeen in prison. Wanting to get Yasmeen under his control again, Geoff went to the police to retract his statement, but was told that it wouldn't be that simple. Geoff later took Alya's phone and called Yasmeen and claimed that he would get help to change. However, Yasmeen was soon visited by Elaine - who had heard about the case in a newspaper - and was given the confidence to stand up to him. Yasmeen confronted Geoff about Elaine and rejected him, prompting him to insult her before vowing to ensure that she goes to prison for his "attack".

In August 2020, Geoff confronted Elaine and warned her to stay away from him and Tim. Unbeknownst to Geoff, however, Faye overhears what is being said. Afterwards, Elaine disappears and Alya reports her disappearance to the police and believes that Geoff was involved in Elaine's disappearance. When questioned about Elaine's whereabouts, Geoff claimed not to know her and that she had made it up about being Tim's mother, saying that Tim's mother had died.

Geoff goes to No. 4 and has a confrontation with Sally over giving Alya her and Tim's wedding money (which Geoff had taken from Yasmeen) and told her that Tim would always chose him over her as blood is thicker than water. He then tells Sally that she was horrible, old and shriveled up. Faye overhears the conversation and confronts Geoff over what he said. Geoff tries to claim to Faye that Sally has been abusing him for months, but is ushered out of the house. Sally later tells Tim of the confrontation, and he later decides to take a break with Sally away from Weatherfield for a bit. The couple agree to do this and they leave the street to stay with Sally's sister Gina for a while, despite Geoff's pleas for Tim to stay.

Later on, Geoff later tells Alya that he has a applied for an alcohol license for Speed Daal, to make up for money lost due to the coronavirus pandemic. Alya, however, doesn't want a alcohol license and replies that he would need Yasmeen's permission to do that. But then Geoff tells Alya that Yasmeen gave him power of attorney months ago, and so he can act on her behalf. Geoff targets Alya further by telling other members of Speed Daal's staff not to go into work, thus forcing Alya to doing everything on her own. After Alya snaps, knocks over a table and kicks out the customers, Geoff comes in with Tim and sees Alya in a mood. He comments to Tim that the apple did not fall far from the tree. Outraged, Alya points a broken bottle at Geoff. Tim manages to talk Alya into putting the bottle down whilst Geoff plays innocent and claims that he has no idea what set Alya off. Ryan arrives and takes Alya away.

After Tim explains the incident to Sally, she is surprised to see that he still believes his father to be innocent. It is then Sally makes it clear to Tim that doesn't think his father is a nice guy anymore deep down - Geoff is a nasty bully and a liar. Unable to convince Tim otherwise, Sally sets about getting evidence to prove his father is lying about everything. She goes Geoff's home and takes his laptop, after Tim let slip about Geoff having footage on it from cameras installed in the house. Faye is able to access footage of Geoff abusing Yasmeen months before. She and Sally, along with Tim, all watch in horror when they play the footage and she how Geoff treated Yasmeen and how scared she was of him.

Once the video has finished, Tim finally sees the truth about his father and allows Faye and Sally to take the footage to the police. Geoff arrives moments later to reclaim his laptop, but he is left horrifed when Tim reveals that he saw the footage and has thus discovered the truth about him all along. Geoff attempts to placate Tim's change of theories, but Tim angrily lashes out at his father for what he did to Yasmeen before declaring that both she and Alya were right about him all along. Tim then concludes that Elaine was telling the truth as well; that she is his mother, that his father had lied about everything all along, and that Geoff had been abusing Elaine as well. It is then the police arrive to question Geoff about the footage that Faye and Sally sent to them; Tim promptly directs them to Geoff and the latter is forced to leave, but not before Tim disowns his father by telling him they're finished and that he never wants to see them again.

By the next day, Geoff is released again; he has convinced the police that the recording was misleading and had been a one-off and that the recording could not be used as evidence due to it being obtained illegally. Geoff thereupon encounters Tim and attempts to reconcile with his son by saying he forgives him for letting the police take him for questioning. However, Tim refuses and renounces himself as his father's son after berating Geoff for lying to him about Elaine all along.

A few weeks later, Geoff goes to see Adam Barlow at the lawyer's office to get information about Yasmeen's trial; he instead encounters Adam's uncle Daniel Osbourne and storms off after the latter confronts him for using vulnerbale sex workers. Geoff later finds out that he left an envelope containing money at the office and goes to get it back only to left again following another confrontation with Daniel. Geoff accused Alya of stealing the money only to later find out that Daniel had took the money to give to his girlfriend Nicky, who worked as an escort. Geoff tells Daniel that he wants his money back and an apology. Daniel meets Geoff and asks for his bank details in order to transfer the money to Geoff's account.

In October 2020, Geoff believes that Tim and Sally's wedding has been put off. However, he overhears Faye and discovers that the wedding is going ahead. Geoff later goes to Speed Daal and trades insults with Alya and Ryan only to discover that Tim has followed him. Tim is disgusted by Geoff's attitude towards Alya and Ryan and says to him to stay away from his and Sally's nuptials. To make sure Geoff does not disrupt the wedding, Sally's friend Abi Franklin lures him to No.4 by sending him a text on Faye's phone that Tim had changed his mind. She then locks Geoff in the conservatory and keeps him there until the wedding is over. Geoff later issues a complaint against Abi over false imprisonment to the police. However, when an officer arrives at the wedding with this statement, the wedding party says that Abi was with them the whole time; Sally's ex-husband Kevin Webster, also Abi's boyfriend, knows different but decides to back up Abi's testimony. Tim later encounters Geoff in the street and tells him that he has lost his entire family.

Alya later attempts to get Geoff to sell No.6 in order to fund Yasmeen's case, but he refuses. Alya also confronts Geoff over unpaid loans in Yasmeen's name. Geoff blames Yasmeen's expensive tastes. Later, Alya sees Geoff charming a woman and decides to follow him to find out what is going on. She later overhears Geoff talking to a woman on the phone and thinks that he is lining up his next victim. Alya follows Geoff to where he is meeting the woman and finds him with a elderly woman named Doris, who is a fan of his hospital radio show and sings Geoff's praises. Geoff later makes a harassment claim against Alya to the police. Geoff later meets with his new girlfriend Christine, pleased that he got one over Alya.

In November 2020, Geoff sees that Tim, Sally and Faye are having a garden party. Annoyed at being excluded, Geoff gets back at them by playing loud music, causing an annoyed Tim to throw a bucket of water over him. Sally's former sister-in-law Debbie Webster goes to Geoff and claims that Sally has been slagging him off. Believing Debbie's words, Geoff grabs a spade and disrupts the party by smashing the garden furniture. When confronted by Tim, Geoff gives him the spade and tells to finish what Yasmeen started. However, instead, Tim calls Geoff "sick" and ejects him from the garden.

Geoff later receives a visit at Speed Dial from Debbie's business partner Ray Crosby, who is a sleazy property developer planning to buy all the properties in Coronation Street and flatten them for new development. Ray offers to buy No.6 off Geoff for a knockdown price and Geoff takes this in consideration. Geoff soon tells Alya that he is selling No.6 and is moving to Cyprus. However, Ryan notices on Geoff's van that he has been in Oldham, Alya wonders if it has something to do with Elaine's disappearance. Geoff later receives a letter from the court of protection that he no longer has power of attorney over Yasmeen. Alya and Tim later sneak into No.6 whilst Geoff is out in order to find information about the address in Oldham. However, Geoff then returns home with his new girlfriend Christine, who is revealed to have moved to Oldham and that Geoff had been helping her pay her rent. Geoff then has Alya and Tim leave.

Geoff later faced off with Tim and said he knew that even when Tim was a child, he knew he would not amount to anything. This causes Tim to snap and punch his father despite Sally's objections. This is witnessed by Faye's boyfriend Craig Tinker, who is also a police officer and ends up taking note of the incident. Consequently, Tim could no longer serve as a reliable witness in Yasmeen's court case.

In December 2020, Geoff is taunted by Tim that he will be brought down by Elaine's testimony; Elaine is revealed to be alive and held up a psychiatric ward in Weatherfield General Hospital. At Yasmeen's court hearing, Geoff claims that Yasmeen is an alcoholic and her attack on him was unprovoked. Yasmeen's defence Imran Habeeb cross examines Geoff about his use of escorts. Geoff also admits that Elaine might not be dead and might be Tim's mother. Geoff later goes to Elaine and says that she is seen as an absent usless mother in front of the jury. This confrontation causes a terrifed Elaine to back out of giving evidence at Yasmeen's trial.

At the next court hearing, Geoff looks on uneasily as Imran plays the phone footage of him about Yasmeen. Geoff then watches Yasmeen give her side of events. However the prosecution barrister tears apart Yasmeen's defence and reacts in the same way when Alya and Sally give their sides of the story. Much to Geoff's anger, Elaine arrives at the court to give evidence against him and talks of how Geoff was charming at first but then changed and would not let her see anyone or give her money. Geoff had also raped her, gave her sexually transmitted diseases (due to Geoff having sex with prostitutes) and had threatend to kill a then infant Tim when Elaine attempted to take him after she was forced to leave him behind when she ended her relationship with Geoff. Elaine also tells the court about Geoff threatening her in the hospital and also compares the prosecution bassister to Geoff after she tried to paint Elaine as a mentally unstable obsessive. Geoff was cross-examined by Imran, who presented footage of Geoff visting the hospital. Imran pointed out that the man in the CCTV footage appeared to be deliberately trying to hide his identity by constantly rubbing his face, and he also drew attention to evidence that Geoff had parked his car in a nearby car park on the same day. Geoff tries to claim that the man in the footage was not him, but then admitted it was indeed him, claming to have a bad memory. Geoff claimed to be visiting some patients at the hospital, which he said was a duty of his as the hospital's volunteer radio DJ, but was unable to name a patient to support his version of events. Eventually, Geoff snaps and starts to rant about Yasmeen - stating that he did the best for her and had tried to make her and Elaine something to be proud of. He also goes on to recall the time Yasmeen's former husband Sharif had been two-timing on her best friend, Sonia Rahman, for seven years and claims that Yasmeen was at fault just like she was in the "attack". However, when the jury returns for the verdict, Yasmeen is found not guilty of attempted murder. Everyone is relieved except for Geoff, who angrily accuses the jury of being soft in the head and declares the trial to be a farce before storming out of the room. Outside the court, Geoff tries to get Yasmeen to come home with him. However, Yasmeen, believing that she will always be haunted by Geoff and that he would not let her go, lodges a complaint against him to the police. Afterwards, Geoff phones Christine and tells her that he wants them to move to Cyprus, but needed to tie up some loose ends first.

Geoff arrives at Alya's flat, where Yasmeen is staying at and tries to get Yasmeen to sign her half of the house over to him, but she refuses until she removes everything that's hers. He then goes to Speed Daal where Alya reveals that she reported him to the police and told Christine about his misdeeds. In retaliation, Geoff knocks Alya unconscious by hitting her over the head with a cash tin and then kicks her. Geoff then takes the money from the tin and phones Christine, only for her to hang up on him after he starts to rant at her. Outraged and losing whatever sanity he has left, Geoff arrives at No.6 where Yasmeen is collecting her belongings and again tries to get her to take him back before claiming that Alya was dead. He then pours petrol over the living room and starts a fire despite Yasmeen saying that she would retract her statement. In an effort to escape the fire, Yasmeen runs upstairs to the roof with Geoff in pursuit. On the roof, Geoff begins to approach Yasmeen. Just then, Alya, having regained consciousness, appears on the roof and tries to stop Geoff hurting her grandmother by hitting Geoff with a fire extinguisher, which she had used to put out the fire offscreen. Geoff declares that if he goes down, he will take Yasmeen and Alya with him. Yasmeen stands up to Geoff, stating that she is no longer scared of him. Geoff attempts to grab Yasmeen, he loses his footing and falls off the roof, but clings on calling for Yasmeen to help him. Despite all Geoff did to her, Yasmeen cannot bear to let him die and tries to help Geoff back up with her scarf. However, he loses his grip and falls to the ground next to Yasmeen's surviving chickens - dying on impact. His body is later taken away in a private ambulance.

In the aftermath of Geoff's death, Tim is able to move forward when he learns from Faye's brother Gary Windass that she had nearly been raped by Ray on the same night Geoff died. At the same time, though, Yasmeen struggles to overcome her traumatic ordeal that Geoff put her through. After his funeral, Tim inherits everything in Geoff's will but he gives it all to Yasmeen and Alya so that Geoff does not destroy them beyond the grave as well.


One day it's Johnny you're practically throwing your knickers at, and the next day it's anything in an overall!
~ Geoff to Yasmeen.
You see? Attack, attack, attack!
~ Geoff to Yasmeen.
This isn't about the cleaning, it's about trust! You said you'd do something, and you didn't! You can do what you like! You can get drunk all day for all I care, but don't insult my intelligence!
~ Geoff to Yasmeen.
~ Geoff to Yasmeen.
I made her take a good, hard look in the mirror and it's not my fault she didn't like the pathetic excuse for a woman that she saw.
~ Geoff ranting about Yasmeen to Imran during Yasmeen's trial
Don't just lie there. Help me please (Alya: He'll pull you down with him). Listen to me! (Alya: No. He doesn't deserve it. He's beyond help) (Yasmeen: I'm not). Again you stupid woman!. Argh (Yasmeen: Geoff!!!)
~ Geoff to Yasmeen as she tries to use her scarf to help him back up before he ultimately loses his grip of No.6's roof and falls to his death.



  • Ian Bartholomew has been nominated for several awards for his performance as Geoff Metcalfe.
  • He made a total of 219 appearances throughout his time on the show.