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You've ruined it all. You clumsy, oafish bitch.
~ Geoff to Yasmeen

Geoffrey "Geoff" Metcalfe is a fictional character in the British ITV Soap Opera Coronation Street.

He is the father of Tim Metcalfe, the paternal grandfather of Faye Windass, the maternal great-grandfather of Miley, the husband of Yasmeen, the step-father of Kal and the step-grandfather of Alya and Zeedan.

Introduced as primarily a comic relief character, Geoff later became a major antagonist throughout 2019 and 2020, as he began abusing and manipulating his wife Yasmeen, and attempted to control every aspect of her life.

He was portrayed by Ian Bartholomew.


Geoff was a hospital radio DJ. He later moved to Coronation Street to be nearer to his family. After Pat Phelan's death, Geoff began dating Yasmeen Nazir.

As Geoff and Yasmeen's relationship progressed, he began to show a more sinister side to his personality by controlling every aspect of her life by secretly hiding cameras around her house and staging a burglary to ensure that she was more reliant on him.

Yasmeen's granddaughter Alya began to take a disliking to Geoff, but by this time he had manipulated the situation to ensure that she moved out of the house and even bought into the family business Speed Daal to prevent her from overruling his control.

On February 3, 2020, Geoff reached a new low after he and Yasmeen do a magic show which goes viral. Yasmeen got her clothes caught in the box, and Geoff later shoved a phone camera in her face and claimed she was getting revenge on him. He also called her a selfish bitch.

Later on in the month, Geoff sunk to a disgusting new low as he killed Yasmeen's pet chicken as revenge for her not cooking a good dinner for him. When he was confronted about it, Geoff blamed Yasmeen for the chicken's death.

He later attacked Yasmeen with a knife after they returned from The Rovers Return pub, prompting her to hit him with a wine bottle, which broke and badly cut Geoff. A horrfied Yasmeen called 999 and claimed to have killed Geoff. As Yasmeen was arrested, Geoff was later revealed to have survived the attack and claimed that he was arguing with Yasmeen over her "drinking" problem and that she attacked him unprovoked. Geoff's son Tim believed this statement. Alya confronted Geoff at the hospital and declared that Yasmeen (who had been charged with attempted murder) should have finished the job and killed Geoff, much to Geoff's shock and Tim's anger, who ordered Alya to leave.

Geoff was later discharged from hospital and brought home by Tim. However when attempting to get into the house, Geoff found that his key would not fit into the lock. Alya and her boyfriend Ryan Conner revealed that they had changed the locks, with Alya saying that Geoff would not come near her family again. Geoff was forced to temporarily stay with Tim and his wife Sally at No. 4. Tim reported Alya's actions to the police, who forced Alya to give Geoff the keys to the house. After regaining entry to the house, Geoff got onto his laptop and deleted footage of his and Yasmeen's fight. Just then, Tim came into the house and questioned Geoff on what he was doing, to which Geoff replied that he had installed cameras for security reasons and had been checking to see if they had filmed Yasmeen's "attack" on him, but they had not. When Tim pointed out that he should have told the police about the cameras, Geoff tearfully says that he would get in trouble with the police if they discovered he hadn't said anything. Wanting to placate his father, Tim agreed not to tell the police or Sally about the cameras and keep it a secret between them. Afterwards, Geoff whist taking out rubbish, disposed of the camera in the bin in Tim and Sally's garden, which is later taken to be emptied by bin men.

Alya later learns from Yasmeen's lawyer Imran that he had been looking at Geoff and Yasmeen's bank statements and one is for a hotel bar. Alya believes that it must have been Geoff going to the bar as Yasmeen was staying in the house. She later visits Yasmeen, who tells her about Geoff seeing escorts. Alya later tells this to Sally (who is not very fond of Geoff) at The Rovers Return just as Geoff arrives. Geoff becomes worried after seeing Alya and Sally together. Afterwards, he is confronted by Tim (who had been informed by Sally) over the news of him seeing escorts. Geoff admits to hiring escorts and claims that he did it because Yasmeen refused to have sex with him. Whilst Sally is disgusted at this revelation, Tim says that this would give Yasmeen a motive to kill Geoff. Tim tells Geoff to come clean to the police as it would help in the case, whilst Sally is doubtful as Yasmeen seemed devoted to Geoff. Geoff tells the police that Yasmeen had found out about the escorts on the night she attacked him. He also says that he kept this information out of his original statement out of shame.

Following Yasmeen's court hearing, Geoff starts to play mind games on Sally and holds a celebration at the Rovers Return with Tim, hoping that Sally will join them, but she refuses. Alya later arrives and tells Geoff the results of the hearing and how Yasmeen has given her chapter and verse on all of his behaviour towards her. Sally listens as Geoff, Tim, Alya and Ryan snipe at each other. Sally later tells Tim that she does not think that Geoff is as innocent as he makes and has him ask Geoff to move back into his own house, which Geoff begrudgingly does, though he is annoyed at Tim for giving into Sally. Geoff later confronted Sally and claimed that their disagreement is affecting Tim's health. He attempts to dismiss her sympathy for Yasmeen as a result of being wrongly imprisoned herself (referring to the time Sally was wrongly imprisoned for fraud after innocently handing a council charity fund over to a conman). Geoff later informs his granddaughter Faye about being kicked out of No. 4. Believing Geoff to be innocent, Faye confronts Tim and Sally over this before moving in with Geoff to support him.

In July 2020, Geoff confronted Sally over visiting Yasmeen in prison. Wanting to get Yasmeen under his control again, Geoff went to the police to retract his statement, but was told that it wouldn't be that simple. Geoff later took Alya's phone and called Yasmeen and claimed that he would get help to change. However, Yasmeen, having been visited by Geoff's ex-wife Elaine (whom he had Tim with), who gave her the confidence to stand up to Geoff, called Geoff back and rejected him.


One day it's Johnny you're practically throwing your knickers at, and the next day it's anything in an overall!
~ Geoff to Yasmeen
You see? Attack, attack, attack!
~ Geoff to Yasmeen
This isn't about the cleaning, it's about trust! You said you'd do something, and you didn't! You can do what you like! You can get drunk all day for all I care, but don't insult my intelligence!
~ Geoff to Yasmeen
~ Geoff to Yasmeen


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