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Geoffrey Wilder is one of the secondary antagonists of the first season of the 2018 TV series Marvel's Runaways.

He is a founding member of the PRIDE, father of Alex Wilder, and husband of Catherine Wilder (also a PRIDE member). Geoffrey is a man who took a grueling path (he was a criminal) to become a very successful businessman.

He is based on the supervillain with the same name but unlike the comics, has a better relationship with his son. In the comics Wilder was one of the main antagonists of two story arcs and the archenemy of the runaways and the leader of the Pride.

He is portrayed by Ryan Sands.


Years ago, Geoffrey was a member of the violent LA gang known as the Crips. He was a friend of a high-ranking member of the gang, Darius. While in prison for his crimes, he is approached by a mysterious man named Jonah who offers him power and wealth. With guidance from Catherine, who at the time was his lawyer, Geoffrey opts to enter the realtor business and convinces Darius to take the blame for shooting a man and in return Wilder would take care of his family. However, in present day Wilder betrays Darius by not keeping his word and leaving him to rot in a LA prison up to his release. He attempts to extort money from him, but is thwarted with a threat to his aunt. Geoffrey is forced to act when his son, Alex, is kidnapped and held ransom by Darius. Geoffrey gets Lieutenant Flores to send some men to help him. During the gun fight, Darius' right hand man Andre is shot and Geoffrey decides to use him for the Pride's next sacrifice to energize Jonah. 


Geoffrey was an overtly ambitious businessman who longed to control LA for himself as he felt like he rightfully deserved to. He didn't always get along with the other members of the PRIDE, but tried to get along with his son and later enemy, Runaways member, Alex. He didn't enjoy sacrificing certain victims in his cult's rituals.


  • In the comics Geoffrey is a mob leader, not a businessman per se. The way he gets his success is also altered like most of the members of the Pride (Backstories and all).
  • In the comics, Geoffrey is the main antagonist


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Geoffrey Wilder


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