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George was a demonic guide who was the main antagonist of the Chick Tract entitled "Gladys".


Prior to the strip, George met Gladys and gave her the ability to predict the future. Because of his influence, she became very famous among her peers, and critics started to call her the Amazing Gladys. In the tract of the same name, she went to visit with her relatives because she was in town for three days as a representative of the Astrologer Convention. Gladys then met Reverend Bob Williams, a recurring character in the tracts, and George attempted to persuade Gladys to not listen to anything he had to say.

Bob then noticed George and told Gladys stories from the Old Testament that discussed prophecies. One prophecy in particular was about Isaiah's prophecy about Jesus' crucifixion. George remembered this prophecy, and he was angered that he and the other demons helped to fulfill this prophecy by setting up the events that would lead to Jesus' death. When Bob brought up Moses' points about detecting a false prophet, Gladys was offended that Bob was seemingly trying to restrain her gift of predicting the future.

George then convinces her to leave, and Gladys called up Holly, a character from an early strip entitled "The Nervous Witch" to pick her up. Holly arrives at the house and curses at Bob when he told her that he and his family were still praying for her. All of a sudden, Holly collided with a gas tank, and her car explodes killing both Gladys and Holly. George then jumped out of the car, satisfied that he succeeded in his mission in taking Gladys to hell for practicing the occult.


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