George is the main antagonist of the Inside No. 9 episode "Cold Comfort". He is the supervisor of a crisis hotline centre who harbours a dark secret of his own.

He is portrayed by the show's co-creator Reece Shearsmith who also played Ray in the same series.


George is the supervisor at a crisis hotline centre known as Comfort Support Line (CSL), which offers support to people with emotional distress. He presumably started as a volunteer himself, but having grown tired of listening to other people's problems, began to want attention himself. Unknown to his colleagues, he began posing as different people claiming to have personal issues, and would call up the volunteers from within the centre in order to manipulate them emotionally. Prior to the arrival of new volunteer Andy (played by Steve Pemberton), George managed to successfully cause one of the volunteers to have a breakdown, resulting in her leaving.

George acts friendly to new arrival Andy and shows him the ropes. Whilst in his office, George phones up Andy and poses as a suicidal teenager called "Chloe", managing to make a perfect imitation of a female voice. On the phone "Chloe" claims to have had an overdose, before then hanging up the phone, which results in bringing Andy to tears, as he believes he has just listened to someone die on the phone. The stress causes him to snap at another caller, an elderly widow, who phones to claim her cat has just died. Andy snaps at the old woman claiming it was "just a cat", before then hanging up the phone. Andy later learns that the woman had committed suicide, and he breaks the news to George. George acts supportive to Andy, and vows to not speak a word of what happened.

Later in the evening when a goodbye party of thrown for a volunteer, George phones up the call centre posing as "Chloe", and begins to taunt Andy over "her" knowledge about him causing the death of the old woman. Andy suspects the call is coming within the call centre, and stays overnight hoping for the culprit to show up. He initially suspects it to be a fellow female volunteer who has acted friendly to him since his arrival, but when they look over the cam footage they discover that George is the suspect. George enters the centre at that moment, and realising he has been caught out flees the scene.

Afterwards, George phones Andy to inform him that he has phoned the son of the dead old woman and given George's location and name. It turns out her son is a new volunteer at the centre, who then pulls out a gun and points it at Andy's head.

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