God! It I'snt an asset anymore, He's mailed it!
~ Granville discovering how Brewster used a priceless stamp.

George Granville was an antagonist of the movie 1985 movie Brewster's Millions.

Granville was portrayed by David White.

He was one of the corrupt senior partners of the Granville and Baxter law firm. His firm was hired by Rupert Horn's executor Edward Roundfield to handle Horn's estate.

Granville learned that Horn had a $300 million estate that he planned to give to his last surviving family member Monty Brewer provided Brewster spent an initial $30 million in 30 days. If Brewster failed Granville and Baxter would gain access to the $300 and donate it to various charities, after taking a fee.

After Brewster accepted the challenge, the corrupt Granville and Norris Baxter began making plans to ensure that Brewster would fail. They were able to have co-conspirator Warren Cox work his way in to Brewster's inner circle. They had him withhold a $20,000 deposit refund, with the intent of springing it on Brewster at the very last minute.

Meanwhile Brewster was able to spend all the remaining $30 million dollars, including mailing a postcard using a priceless stamp he bought back to them, causing the stamp to be cancelled. As planned Warren sprung the $20,000 as Brewster rode up in the elevator to meet with Roundfield, Granville, and Baxter. There Granville and Baxter tried to make Brewster sign over the money to them, but Warren's fiance Angela Drake learned of the conspiracy and burst in on them. Brewster was able to give her the money to go back to law school, and Roundfield declared the $300 million was Brewster's.

Feeling that there was a conspiracy afoot to defraud Brewster, Roundfeild requested permission from Brewster to order an investigation. Brewster agreed, telling Roundfield to send Granville and Baxter to the showers. He then left, with Granville and the other conspirators facing a criminal investigation.