George Hatton
is a significant antagonist in the 2014 film Dolphin Tale 2.


Working for the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), George regularly visits the Clearwater Marine Aquarium to make sure the animals are okay and everything is in order. Following Panama's passing, Winter becomes melancholy and anti-social. George gives Dr. Clay Haskett, the manager of the aquarium, an ultimatum: find a new female companion for Winter, or she will be moved to a new home. Later on, George visits CMA again, and, after finding out Winter still doesn't have a companion, issues a transfer order; Winter is to be moved to a marine park in Texas. After Hope, a younger female dolphin unable to be released due to lacking survival skills, is brought to the aquarium, George postpones the order at Clay's request. Of course, he is required to see Hope and Winter together. He is present when Hope is introduced to Winter a second time (the first try failed due to Winter lacking a tail (it had to be amputated) and swimming unnaturally). When he sees that Hope and Winter accept each other, he allows Winter to stay at CMA.

He is played by the film's director, Charles Martin Smith.

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