George Hawk is one of the antagonists in Big Time Rush, and the head producer of Hawk Records and the main rival of the titular bands producer Gustavo Rocque. He is the main antagonist in season one of the show and an episode in season two.


Hawk is a very competitive, purposeful, and steadfast man who is obsessed with beating his rival, Rocque. He is rather animated and effervescent, as he is prone to making a hawk-like call (echoed by the call of a real hawk). He is not above breaking the law to get what he wants, and is very acrimonious and vindictive, to the point of kidnapping.


His first appearance was in "Big Time Sparks", where he learns that real life singer Jordan Sparks is to do a song with Big Time Rush, and sets out to take her attention, he and Gustavo compete in a series of pranks, including setting a skunk on each other. Despite this, Sparks still sings with the boys. 

His second appearance was in the first season finale, "Big Time Concert", where Big Time Rush's contract expires. Since James, is the only one who didn't accept this, Hawk offers him a solo contract. The boys eventually get their band back together, due to Gustavo buying their contract, however Hawk had changed James image to the extent where he cuts off ties with the others. James quickly decides to get back with his friends and cuts his ties with Hawk. On the night of the concert, Hawk has the boys kidnapped so their concert will fail. Hawk attends the concert to taunt Gustavo, not knowing the boys have escaped. They race back to their concert and Hawk makes a last attempt to stop them but fails.

Shortly after that, he is arrested for kidnapping, during his time in jail, he went insane but feigns rehabilitation to be released. In "Big Time Superheroes", he came up with a insane plan for revenge; he found a child prodigy which he plans to use to upstage the boys, and buys a hawk costume to pose as a supervillain "The Hawk" and breaks into Rocque records and steal a CD with their new songs planning on plagiarizing the songs. When the boys call the police, they don't believe it was Hawk (despite the fact Hawk was caught on a security camera). The boys try to get the CD back, they are caught by police. They try a second time under superhero persona's and manage to get the tape back, but the police show up. Luckily, Hawk is exposed, it was reported he was reported buying a hawk costume  for the purposes of "revenge", and he is arrested again.

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