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George Hearst is the main antagonist of Season 3 in the HBO western/drama series Deadwood. He was played by an American actor Gerald McRaney and his character was loosely based on a real life businessman of the same name.

George Hearst was one of the most ruthless and evil characters in the series, even surpassing Al Swearengen and Cy Tolliver in senseless cruelty. Appearing briefly at the end of Season 2, Hearst fires one of his most trusted allies, Francis Wolcott, for murdering three prostitutes. In Season 3, Hearst shows great interest towards the Garrett claim. He first proves his psychotic and misanthropic nature for slaughtering his own Cornish miners for unionizing and cuts off Swearengen's finger only to show that he holds all the power.

With the help of his bodyguard, Captain Turner and a hired army of Pinkertons, Hearst mercilessly and continuously terrorizes the town and its inhabitants to get what he wants. He sends Captain Turner to fight Dan Dority in a public street fight to show Swearengen his place and has the head of the Pinkertons to beat A. W. Merrick for posting an article about the poor working conditions of Heart's employ.

Towards the end of Season 3, Hearst has prospector Ellsworth murdered in order to force his wife to sell him the land he wants. Trixie, one of Al's prostitutes, attempts to murder Hearst as a result, but fails. Hearst then orders Al to murder Trixie, but instead, he murders a lookalike girl and shows her corpse at him. After Alma has sold Hearst her claim, he leaves Deadwood by the end of Season 3, having received everything he wanted.

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