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I'm not pleased.
~ George Hedare.

George Hedare is the secondary antagonist in the 2004 film Catwoman.

He was portrayed by Lambert Wilson, who also played The Merovingian in The Matrix Reloaded.


George is the owner of Hedare Beauty, a cosmetics company that Patience Phillips (the protagonist) works for, and the husband of Laurel Hedare. To say the least, George and Patience do not exactly get along. When George pushes her one too many times, she tells him off and quits her job. One day, Patience has to bring a drawing to him but she overhears a discussion between scientist Dr. Ivan Slavicky and Laurel, talking about dangerous side effects that could occur with long term use of Beau-Line, the skin cream created by Hedare Beauty.

Phillips (now Catwoman) supects George to hide the side effects of the product to the public. Later on, George is seen at the Hydropolis opera with another woman, Hedare Beauty's newest model named Drina. When confronted by Patience, George reveals he knows nothing about the side effects of Beau-Line.

Later, Laurel discovers his infidelity and him finding out about Beau-Line's secret and they has an argument. In a fit of rage, George slaps Laurel but he realizes her skin has turned rough because of the product. He is ultimately killed by his vengeful wife shortly after.

Videogame Appearance

George Hedare appears as the false main antagonist of the videogame Catwoman.


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