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George Jr.

George Jr. was one of the four main crocodiles to appear in Lake Placid 2, he also appeared briefly at the end of the first film.

His vocal sound effects were provided by John Marquis.


Geoege Jr. made his first screen appearance at the end of the first film along with his three other siblings. Being feed by Delores Bickerman, the crocodiles remained in Black Lake after their father was relocated and their mother was killed. For over 10 years they lived in the Lake and at some point they killed Delores and were then taking care by her sister Sadie, where she continued watching over them and began feeding them beef rejected by the FDA. The crocodiles would also feed on local wildlife but their primal nature would take affect and they began preying on the local residents.

George Jr. first appeared in Lake Placid 2, swimming behind Larry where he quickly went underwater without Larry knowing. He then appeared on land attacking Rachel where he pulled her into the Lake to finish her off. He then appeared that night stalking the camp where the Sheriff, Emma, Struthers, and Ahmad were staying. He noticed Struthers tent open and attempted to attack him but he was quickly noticed, Ahamd rescued Struthers and cut the straps holding the tent up. Although the tent was covering George Jr's face he managed to knock Struthers out, he was then able to get the tent off of his face when Ahamd jumped on his back, he quickly killed and ate Ahmad, now taking revenge on his brother Max who Ahmad had killed. George Jr. then made his way back to the lake after being shot at by the Sheriff. The following morning Scott and Kerri managed to escape the tree they had taking shelter in to get away from Martha but George Jr. arrived. Attracting Martha's attention, George Jr. moved in for the kill only to be distracted by Kerri's dog Daisy, giving Scott and Kerry enough time to run but the crocodile quickly followed, only to be ambushed by Sheriff Riley who shoots him with a grenade launcher blowing his head to pieces.


  • Although George Jr. and the others were asian pacific crocodiles like their parents, part of the reason for them being large in this film was to being feed beef rejected by the FDA which was packed with growth hormones.
  • George Jr. and his siblings were the second largest crocodiles to appear in the Lake Placid Films, serving over 25 ft long as opposed to their parents who were 30 ft.
  • George Jr. had a black skin texture with light Brown integrated into it.
  • He was named by Sadie after the President for "being slow too."
  • It is unknown which crocodile killed Tillman at the beginning of the film.


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