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Take off your clothes, just like we do at bath time. You too, Evan.
~ George coercing Evan and Kayleigh into child pornography

George Miller is the main antagonist of the 2004 science fiction thriller film The Butterfly Effect. He is the sexually abusive father of Tommy and Kayleigh Miller, who also abuses protagonist Evan Treborn and is indirectly responsible for his ability to travel back in time.

He was portrayed by Eric Stoltz.

Role in the film

When Evan and Kayleigh are children, George forces them to perform in child pornography films, one of the many traumas that causes Evan to suffer from blackouts. He also abuses Tommy, turning the boy into a violent sociopath. An alcoholic, he is often drunk when he commits his crimes. His wife, Kayleigh and Tommy's mother, knows nothing of the abuse, suggesting that he intimidates them into silence.

Years later, an adult Evan discovers his childhood journals and recovers memories of the abuse he suffered at George's hands; he also discovers that the journals give him the ability to travel back in time. After one such trip through time, he encounters Kayleigh and tells her what her father did to them; distraught by the memories, Kayleigh commits suicide. Evan travels back in time again to confront George as a child, telling him of the grave future consequences of his crimes. He also tells him to leave Kayleigh alone and discipline Tommy to keep him from becoming a sociopath. Frightened, George promises that he will.

When Evan returns to the present, Kayleigh is healthy and well-adjusted because George didn't abuse her. However, Tommy has become an even bigger sadist because George "disciplined" him by subjecting him to severe physical and sexual abuse. Eva tries several times to fix the past, but every attempt makes the situation worse.

Finally, Evan approaches George in the present and threatens to go the police unless he tells him where to find Kayleigh. George gives Evan Kayleigh's last known address, where Evan finds that she has become a drug-addicted prostitute. Finally, Evan travels back to his childhood one last time to be intentionally cruel to Kayleigh so her mother will move away with her and Tommy, finally getting them away from George and allowing them to live happy, normal lives.

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