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"You aren't gonna tell her!!".
~ George desperately tries to threaten Grant Mitchell into not telling the latter's mother Peggy - also George's girlfriend - about his illcit activities to no avail.

George Palmer is a fictional character and recurring antagonist of the British soap opera EastEnders. He appeared as the secondary antagonist in between 1996 and 1998.

He was portrayed by Paul Moriarty.


George Palmer was an illegitimate businessman and major figure of organized-crime in Albert Square, the market town of a fictional East London borough called Walford. He first made his presence in July 1996 and sought to expand his empire around the square. He soon found himself in competition with Peggy Mitchell, the landlady of The Queen Victoria public house who disapproved of George's business tactics and ended up opposing him.

As time went on, however, George and Peggy started to fall in love with each other. They begun a relationship together as George openly wooed Peggy with his wealth and resourceful influences, which immediately sparked concern for Peggy's two hardman sons Phil Mitchell and Grant Mitchell. Soon enough, the Mitchell Brothers discovered a secret that George had which Peggy doesn't know about - that he uses his nightclub, The Market Cellar, as a front for his illegal gambling den and money laundering operation. Grant later confronts George about it and they argue. George tries to threaten Grant in keeping quiet, but Grant is unfazed and threatens to tell Peggy unless George does so first.

Instead of coming clean to Peggy at her son's instance, however, George hides his secret from Peggy. It is at this point where Peggy is revealed to endure breast cancer, to which George responds by taking care of Peggy. Despite this, Peggy's two sons along with their respective wives Kathy Beale and Tiffany Raymond each continue to remain apprehensive towards George. Eventually, Peggy learns about George's deceit from her sons and confronts him about it. He attempts to win her back, but Peggy dumps George and tells him that she never wants to see him again.

Later on, George is forced to flee the square when his business operation starts to collapse and the local mob attempt to seek him out; George flees to New Zealand for a while, thus leaving Peggy and her sons dealing with the local mob themselves. George soon reappears a while later with his daughter Annie, who initially appeared to be George's business partner. When Peggy sees George, she confronts him and the pair have a conflict that is briefly halted when they both encounter the Di Marco family.

Soon enough, George begins dating Di Marco matriarch Rosa di Marco following the death of her husband Giuseppe earlier on. He learns that her eldest son Beppe is a policeman, and witnesses the beginning of Beppe's feud with Grant over their opposite relations to the law. George also gets acquainted with Beppe's brother Gianni, who later believes George to be his father as it soon transpires that George and Rosa had a sexual dalliance in the past during her marriage to Giuseppe. However, a DNA test later confirms that George is not Gianni's father.

Overtime, George improves his fatherhood for Annie as they had an estranged relationship due to Annie feeling that George always wanted a son over a daughter. George soon entrusts Annie to manage his business empire as he decides to return to New Zealand, feeling that nothing is working out for him in Walford anymore. In December 1998, George leaves and is soon joined by Annie a year later after her business partnership with Phil's archenemy Steve Owen fell apart.

Since then neither George or Annie have ever been mentioned in the square again.



  • George Palmer was the first character to have an official onscreen romance with Peggy Mitchell.