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"You're a dead man!"
~ George Peters threatening to kill Phil Mitchell after the latter foils his attempt to assassinate Phil's future third wife, Kate Morton, under the orders of George's gangland boss Jack Dalton.

George Peters is a fictional character and minor antagonist of the BBC British soap opera EastEnders. He only appeared as a supporting antagonist in May 2003.

He was portrayed by Andy Beckwith.


George Peters is a brutish nightclub bouncer from Walford who works for his gangland boss Jack Dalton, both in criminal operations and also at Dalton's nightclub called The Imperial Rooms. At somepoint before 2003, George had been involved in an arson attack against his intented target - which ended up resulting in the death of the latter's daughter.

In May 2003, George Peters first appears when Walford's reigning hardman Phil Mitchell arrives at the nightclub to visit Dalton about his secretary Kate Morton. Earlier on Phil had a relationship with Kate before discovering her identity as a policewoman investigating him for the supposed dissapearence of his ex-girlfriend Lisa Fowler. Soon enough, Dalton learns about Kate's police identity and that she had been working undercover to investigate his gangland activities. Dalton soon plans to eliminate Kate and assigns George with the task of raping and then murdering her.

After sending Kate home early before the end of her midnight shift, Dalton singals George to follow Kate back to her home. Thereupon George breaks into Kate's home and attacks her. He comes close to strangling Kate to death when Phil, having learned about Dalton's plan and unwilling to let Kate die, intervenes and knocks out George with a punch. Kate then plans to alert the police about the incident, but Phil convinces her that doing so would only provoke Dalton into further retaliation and that Dalton has already given himself an alibi to the police. Kate then agrees to let Phil deal with the situation, and once she leaves he wakes up George and forces him to take them back to the Imperial Rooms nightclub.

Along the way, George threatens revenge on Phil before asserting that he is a dead man and that Dalton would "cut him in half". Phil is unfazed and forces George to bring them to Dalton's office, whereupon Dalton angrily berates George for coming back to him against his orders before learning about Phil's intervention. George furiously promises to deal with Phil after Dalton angrily orders him out of the office to confront Phil over the issue. Phil manages to convince Dalton to let Kate live after explaining his reasons, but in doing so is forced to do Dalton a favour in future. They both agree to implicate George as a scapegoat should the police ever investigate Kate's attempted assassination. Phil then leaves before Dalton summons George to his office.

A few weeks later, Phil spots George nearby his house and confronts Dalton about it. Dalton explains to Phil that the deal they made over Kate has nothing to do with what George plans to do next. Dalton then tells Phil that George isn't coming after Kate - he is coming after Phil for making a fool of him in front of their gangland boss. Phil assures Dalton that he can handle George, even when Dalton thereupon reveals that George had previously killed a little girl whilst trying to murder her father - a bloke whose qualities are similar to that of Phil as described by Dalton himself - in an arson attack.

Knowing that both his daughter Lousie and Kate herself would face harm from George's retaliation against him, Phil plans to deal with George on his own. Kate soon discovers this and visits her police superior, DI Dominic Price, to discuss what plans the police have against both Dalton and George. It is then revealed to Kate that George has recently been dealing cocoaine to schoolchildren and often hangs out nearby at some schools, which possibly makes him a paedophile as well.

Later on George arms himself with a handgun and prepares to go after Phil, when all the sudden Dominic and his police squad arrive with a warrant to search his house. They end up finding drugs in George's house and promptly arrest him for dealing Class A drugs to schoolchildren. As he gets taken into custody, George angrily vows revenge against Dominic. He soon ends up being remanded in custody after assaulting one of the police officers who helped put him in custody, and is likely serving a lenghly prison sentence for a very long time.



  • He made a total of 3 appearences during his time on the show.
  • It is unknown whether George Peters is a full-time member of Dalton's criminal organization, The Firm, or just merely his bodyguard who works at his nightclub. However, it is most likely that Peters is a member given that Dalton assigned him to kill Kate Morton for investigating his gangland activities.