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Spelvin: It is exactly fair. You made a choice. And just like every other choice every other human being has ever made... has a consequence.
Cyril: I just wanted to show them I could...
Spelvin: Them? Or maybe your father, who never thought you quite measured up.
Cyril: He... Hey, how did you know that?
Spelvin: I don't know, it was just a guess, really.
~ Spelvin to Cyril.

George Spelvin is an antagonist in the TV show Archer. Spelvin is a man who claims to be a computer programmer who convinces to upload a virus into the ISIS mainframe and plans to steal the identities of everyone within the agency. He is the main antagonist of the second season episode "Tragical History".

He was voiced by Peter Serafinowicz.


Claimed to be a computer programmer who designed security programs for CIA, MI6, and ODIN, he told Figgis that he was too good at his job, therefore his customers wouldn't upgrade. He bribed Cyril into uploading a "pirate" virus into the XL9 network at ISIS. He made Cyril believe that he would be able to appear to save the day by entering the kill code. However, he never intended for Cyril to deactivate the virus. His plan was instead to download the identities of all the secret agents employed by ISIS and sell it for $50 million to a foreign country.

He employs two attractive Asian ninja twins, Keiko Chan and her twin sister.

When his plan was nearing completion, Cyril brought Sterling, to George's luxury apartment to steal the list back. A sword fight broke out between Archer, Spelvin and the twins. At one point they have Archer cornered, Cyril saved Archer and the ISIS list by shooting Spelvin's server. After shooting the server, he threatened to shoot George with the remaining bullet. When George and Archer weren't sure if any bullets remained George left with the twins.


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