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Getting neutered eliminated all distractions and allowed me to focus solely on my work. Sometimes, you have to literally cut out the things that hold you back.
~ George Townsend

George Townsend, also known as Shredder, is a minor antagonist in Family Guy, only appearing in the episode "Short Cuts". He is a German Shepherd millionaire who used to be friends with Brian Griffin.

He is voiced by Christopher Meloni, who also played John Taylor in Call of Duty: Black Ops III, Nick Sax in Happy!, and Chris Keller in Oz.


George came back to Quahog to see his old friend, Brian Griffin. George got Brian and Stewie Griffin into his helicopter so he could fly them back to his mansion. George explained that he gained his success by working hard, working as a tech entrepreneur, writing eleven best-selling books, and being an NBC executive who suggested their company make tons of Chicago-themed programming. George said that the way he was able to stay dedicated to his goals was by getting neutered. The removal of his testicles got rid of all his distractions and allowed him to focus on being a success. The convinced Brian to go and get himself neutered. When Brian got himself strapped to the neutering table, George admitted that he was never neutered and just said that to trick Brian into getting neutered. Brian freaked out and tried to escape but couldn't. As George explained, he was getting revenge on Brian for abandoning him when they were kids, after he was picked up by Peter Griffin. Brian attempted to lie/weasel his way out by saying he was going to come back for him, and then Trump happened and stuff. At this time, Stewie had read one of George's books, wherein he detailed how he was going to circumcise Brian Griffin, which publicly slandered him in a book. Stewie rushed to the animal hospital to go save Brian Griffin. When he got there, he knocked the scalpel out of the doctor's hands and threatened George with it. Brian escaped but one of his testicles was already removed and eaten by George. Brian convinced George to stop mutilating him by saying that his abandonment is what led to his success. Moved, George left Brian alone and flew off in his helicopter once more, never to bother him again. Still, however, Brian lacked one of testicles and had to replace it with a jingle bell from a court jester's hat, giving him a ringing crotch for the rest of the episode.


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