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Georgy Patov is one of the main antagonists of the American rape and revenge film I Spit on Your Grave 2. He is the brother and accomplice of Ivan and Nikolay and the son of Ana Patov.

He was portrayed by Yavor Baharov.


Ivan, Georgy and Nikolay first appear at the beginning of the film when model Katie Carter answers an ad for their photoshoot. Ivan takes several shots of Katie before asking her to do a naked shot; Katie refuses and storms out. A few days later, Georgy visits Katie at her apartment. Katie is uncomfortable and tries to shut the door in his face, but he blocks her. He awkwardly apologizes for Ivan's behaviour and gives her a flash drive containing her photos before leaving.

That night, Georgy breaks into Katie's apartment and takes photos of her while she's sleeping. Katie wakes up and tasers him before running out of the apartment, only for Georgy to catch up, drag her back inside, knock her out and hog tie and gag her. Katie's neighbour Jayson overhears the commotion and goes to check on Katie, but is attacked and stabbed repeatedly by Georgy, who then positions him so that he has to watch as Georgy rapes Katie before Jayson finally dies from his wounds. Afterwards Georgy calls Ivan and Nikolay and asks them to help him cover it up. The three brothers clean up all evidence of the crime before Ivan drugs Katie with ketamine. They then shut Katie in a coffin and transport her to Bulgaria.

Katie wakes up chained to a pipe in a basement, where Nikolay, Georgy and Ivan rape and torture her. After several hours Georgy comes to give her a dress, but she subdues him by hitting him with a bucket and escapes out a window before going to the police and reporting her experience. She is given to Ana Patov, a woman who claims to be a rape councillor; however she returns Katie to the basement, revealing herself as Ivan, Georgy and Nikolay's mother. Ana pimps Katie to Valko, who electroshocks her genitals and rapes her. Ivan then beats her, before the brothers bury her alive.

After escaping from this fate, Katie begins hunting down her rapists. She first stalks Georgy to a restaurant and pretends to be a waitress, giving him her necklace to establish her identity. Shocked, Georgy follows her into the sewers, where she attacks him and knocks him out. Georgy awakes chained up in the sewers, where Katie tortures him by cutting open his cheek and belly using a switchblade. She then smears fecal matter in his wounds before leaving him to die from an infection.

After killing Nikolay and Valko, Katie kidnaps Ana and brings her to the sewers to see a still-alive Georgy. Katie ties Ana up in a box and forces her to watch Georgy succumbing to his infection as Ana breaks down. Ivan later arrives and finds Ana sobbing next to a dying Georgy before being subdued and tortured by Katie. As Georgy finally dies, Ivan reveals that he is only Ana's stepson, and Georgy and Nikolay were the products of Ana's rape by his father.


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