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Recently, a lot of unusual phenomena have been occurring all over Liyue. According to some, they may be related to the monster depicted in ancient texts, Geovishap.
~ In-game descriptions during an event that involved hunting Geovishaps.

The Geovishaps are dragon-like monsters in the video game Genshin Impact. They are creatures that are found in the land of Liyue and have been around ever since their creation. They were lead by the oldest Geovishap, Azhdaha. They attack any pass-by in their sights.


Overall, the Geovishaps are reptilian-like creatures that burrow around the land of Liyue. They tend to have the hobby of collecting and cherishing shards of bones, as they seen it as the bone of dragons and hopes to have the power of a dragon. As they get older, the Geovishaps would obtain the power of absorbing nearby elements which they would use during combat at the cost of losing their armor. They are very hostile towards humans as Geovishaps would attack any human they saw.


The Geovishaps all share the similarities of having rock-like skins and having yellow crystals growing out of their body with a horn on their heads, they all have lizard-like features such as claws and have the ability to walk with two legs asides from their leader.


Geovishap Hatchlings


Geovishap Hatchlings are the hatchlings of the Geovishaps, they are small and agile lizards like creatures that loves to curls up into a ball and rolls around in the field. When in combat, they would slash their claws towards their enemies during Geo based damage. They could also hops into the air and curls up into a ball and spinning quickly on the land, dealing continuous physical damage. They could also rolls at high speed to crash at the player to bring physical damage too. However, they would be knocked out if the player has as a shield. They would also burrows into the ground to ambush the player.



Mature Geovishaps are the results of a Geovishap Hatchling maturing and shredding their protective armor. Initially in the fight, all of their attacks are Geo damage, however, they would eventually infuse themselves with the power of Cryo, Electro, Hydro, or Pyro. Their attacks greatly resemble that of their newborns as they would to curls up into a ball and charges at the player. They would also jumps and land on the player or punches them. They are even capable of sending out a line of spikes after slamming on to the ground.

Primo Geovishaps


Primo Geovsiahps are ancient Geovishaps being permanently fused with a type of element. They can only be found in the cave of the ruin of Tianqiu Valley. They are covered in rock-like armor and are massive in size. In combat, they can launch elemental-infused rocks towards the player which would deal damage once they exploded. They have a number of melee attacks and are capable of spilling out elemental breaths, however, it can be reflected with a shield. They are also one of the normal bosses in the game.


Main article: Azhdaha (Genshin Impact)

Enemy Azhdaha Icon.png

Azhdaha is the oldest Geovishaps and is the lord of all Vishaps. He is a giant dragon that was sealed away under the Dragon-Queller. He was once a powerful Geo spirit that was brought to the surface by Morax but was eventually sealed away after he attacked the humans since he lost memories due to erosion. He appears as one of the weekly bosses in the game.

Archives Description

A young vishap with a hard Geo exoskeleton. Vishaps are exceptionally agile creatures that one would be wise not to underestimate in battle. Experts from Sumeru Academia believe that they become dragons when fully grown. By avoiding predators and natural disasters, perhaps they can even live long enough to become formidable beasts that reign over entire mountains.
~ Geovishap Hatchings
A mature Geovishap. It is said that after many years have passed, Geovishap Hatchlings will shed the armor that originally protected them and become Geovishaps. However these two and the older, greater Primo Geovishaps have spent many years hibernating under the mountains and have only emerged and become active in recent times. As such, none can personally attest to have witnessed or recorded such a thing in person.
~ Mature Geovishap
After many years, the awesomely powerful Ancient Geovishaps grow accustomed to changes in their elemental environment.

Folktales hold that after the great "draconic calamity that led to the ruination of Tianqiu Valley, the overlord of the Geovishaps and Primo Geovishaps was imprisoned deep beneath the earth, and so too did they burrow into deep and unseen places, awaiting their chance to rise once more...

~ Primo Geovishap


  • The eyes of the Geovishap Hatchings changed during the 1.3 update, changing from black to white.


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