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Geppetto is one of the main antagonists of Fables and the overarching antagonist of its spinoff The Wolf Among Us. He is the power behind the empire's throne known as "The Adversary".


Geppetto was just a simple woodcarver until he carved Pinocchio, seeing Pinocchio's nature he carved more wooden children as the Blue Fairy turning thousands of them into real people and then turning them into servants and soldiers. Geppetto's power started to reach out to the public and was asked to be replaced for a better nobleman. He later imprisoned the blue fairy in order to increase his production capacity, which could help start his dictatorial rule.

One day, town fathers from throughout the country of Calabri Anagni visited Geppetto. After falling under an illness of corruption and plunging the lands, The count of Calabri Anagni had gone mad with power. The town fathers asked Geppetto to replace the count with one of his puppets to which he agreed to their plan and enlisted the help of the Blue Fairy, which brought the fetch of the count into a real man. Once the real count was killed, the fetch of the man was resuming his duties without raising any suspicions, ruling with perfect justice. Geppetto saw this as a way to replace the dukes, counts, and even the king with puppets in order to gain more power and with the help of the Blue Fairy, he managed to become the new de facto ruler of the land.

The town fathers demanded for more puppets and Geppetto's lust for power began as he continued to expand his empire by continuing to use the Blue Fairy who was already tried of serving him. Geppetto then used all the major noble powers he controlled to enlist magicians to help teach him magic. He eventually learned how to use magic and captured the Blue Fairy and hooked her up to a device that allowed him to harness her blue magic abilities in order to turn whatever puppet he wants to into a real person.


Geppetto is a constant deceiver as he tricks people into believing that he's just a simple woodcarver, when in reality he is a tyrannical ruler taking control of his empire with an iron fist. Geppetto used to be a normal man, just wanting his dream of having a son, which he got his wish till Pinocchio kept wandering off on his own adventures, leaving Geppetto lonely and constantly worried. This act of loneliness is what led to him creating sons and daughters to fill the void of loneliness he constantly felt, and with the power of the Blue Fairy's magic, he can have obedient children to follow his orders. After all of children were created, he began to replace rulers of various lands and kingdoms, which began to fuel his lust for power and feed his ego for all the lands he conquered. This power complex began to turn Geppetto ruthless, as he kidnapped the Blue Fairy to continue doing his bidding after she refused to aid him in his schemes. Geppetto, after this, began to conquer more lands which expanded his growing empire resulting in the deaths of many fables and causing many others to escape the homelands into the mundane world to live in peace.

After all of the death and misery he caused, Geppetto showed no remorse for any of his actions as he tries to justify them with the benefits that the lands have that belong to the empire revealing his fall from grace. Despite his lack of remorse for other people, he still has some love for his first son Pinocchio, as he wanted Boy Blue to help restore Pinocchio. The same feelings also apply to his other children, since he created them and help him on his conquest for power. More proof of this would be when Flycatcher when took away his Grove and turned most of the wooden soldiers into trees, which fell him into depression for the loss of his "children". Some argue that he just felt this way due to him losing his army of soldiers, thus losing the power supporting his empire.

After the fall of his empire, Geppetto is forced to live in Fabletown and obey the rules and laws of the fables he forced out of their homes back in the homelands. Even in his supposed powerless state, he still plots to continue regaining his power and take control of the farm, another way to show this is even after three hundred years when he gathers a new army and set it on the mundane world, he hasn't learned from any of his actions and plots to kill his first son Pinocchio, who has now become the president.


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