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Villain Overview

I don't do pranks, Ikea, or cargo pants. That's all white people shit.
~ Gerald Fitzgerald

Gerald Fitzgerald, Sr., also known as "Fitz", is a main character of the Netflix original series Paradise P.D ; while his original persona is a protagonist, his alternate personality, The Kingpin, serves as the series' main antagonist. He is a double agent, who works as a police officer at Paradise Police Department, while acting on behalf of the argyle/houndstooth meth business, The Legion of Dooooom.

He is a stereotypical black man with PTSD, who has to play the piccolo and do Buddhist meditation to keep himself calm. He is secretly the leader of the Argyle Meth Corporation, unbeknownst to his Paradise P.D. colleagues.

He is voiced by Cedric Yarbrough, who also voiced Officer X in The Penguins of Madagascar and Colonel H. Stinkmeaner in The Boondocks.


In 2014, Gerald Fitzgerald worked as a police officer for Chicago P.D. and was the single best cop in the entire city. Fitz was an exceptional cop, who would bring home dozens of busted criminals, daily. However, Fitz was deadset on busting Chicago's most notorious and feared criminal, an elusive man, known only as "The Kingpin". Fitz was obsessed with busting this man and wouldn't rest until he put that villain behind bars.

On Christmas of 2014, Fitz negotiated a hostage situation with The Kingpin. The Kingpin held a bunch of people hostage in a Bomb Factory, threatening to blow the building, along with numerous hostages to smithereens unless his demands were met. The Kingpin demanded one hundred illion, a stealth bomber, piloted by Mike Ditka, and a Chicago-style deep-dish pizza.

Twenty minutes later, Fitz gathered together everything The Kingpin asked for. He entered the Bomb Factory with the pizza but The Kingpin was unsatisfied with what he got. Instead of getting the deep dish he asked for, all he got was a stack of three Hot-N-Readies from Little Caesar's, which Fitz shook up in the box, in hopes that it would be passable. The Kingpin was unimpressed and pressed the button, blowing the Bomb Factory, and everyone in it, to shrapnel. Everybody died, except for Fitz, who was protected by the extremely hard and inedible crust of the pizza.

Although Fitz survived, this trauma gave him severe PTSD and he had to be locked up in a mental hospital just to keep him from going insane in public. Fitz dealt with crushing guilt, over the fact that he was responsible for the deaths of the hostages, which drove him mad in the hospital and led to his brain getting split up into multiple personalities. One of these personalities was an impersonation of The Kingpin, who would occasionally seize control of Fitz's body, swearing revenge on him and all cops in general for giving him an inadequate pizza.

Thester Carbomb IV worked as Fitz's psychologist and tried to help Fitz get over his kingpin persona, by hypnotizing him and creating a mental prison in his head called Pussyland, which he planned on trapped the kingpin inside of. Little did Thester know, The Kingpin was taking over Fitz's mind every night until the day he dominated Fitz completely and then used his body to physically pretend to be recovered and then escape the mental hospital, continuing about his life under the guise of being Fitz. However, The Kingpin wasn't one hundred percent dominant of Fitz and could only control his body at night. During the day, Fitz was in full control of himself.

As his normal self, Gerald Fitzgerald decided to quit his job at the Chicago P.D. and take some time off to relax. During his time off, he took up Zen Buddhism and other Wiccan customs to help him calm his nerves and put an end to his PTSD. He also got a piccolo, which he would always carry around to keep himself calm.

As The Kingpin, Fitz created a massive black market, which would distribute drugs all across Paradise. Fitz hired people such as Terry Two Toes and Santa Claus to work for him, making meth. Terry invented a drug called argyle meth and Santa helped him by including chocolate in the mix and designing it to give it a beautiful red, green, and white color palette. The argyle meth sold like hotcakes and Fitz allowed Terry and Santa to take all the credit, which seemed like an act of generosity when in actuality, it was a way of him keeping his own identity as the true kingpin a secret, by throwing two other red herrings out there for cops to come across and hopefully settle on, before even beginning to suspect him.

In 2016, Fitz was ready to get back into the saddle again and once again, become a police officer. He started work at Paradise P.D. Around this time, he was also working at the argyle meth corporation and he was playing the role of a police officer in hopes that he would corrupt the business and it easier for him to run his argyle meth business without he police stopping him.

As for his secret job as the kingpin of The Argyle Meth business, Fitz touted Terry Two Toes as the leader of the business so that if anyone tracked down and caught the leader of the business, they'd go for Terry instead of him. If they learned that Terry wasn't actually the leader, he'd tout Santa Claus as the secretly hidden superior above him, to make it harder for people to find him. Fitz demanded his workers to make a new drug and Terry Two Toes invented Argyle Meth. Santa had the idea to decorate it with red and green to make it look fancy.

In "Welcome to Paradise", Terry Two Toes was caught and busted and thrown into the holding cell for Paradise P.D. This happened very late at night and the cops planned on interrogating him the next day to find out who he was working for. After hours, Fitz snuck into the holding cell, shot Terry to death, and hid the security footage, so that nobody would get any information from Terry. In the next episode, "Ass on the Line", Chief Randall Crawford thought very little of the suspicious incident that transpired the night before and decided to just forget about the case, setting Fitz off the hook. Kevin Crawford was the only person in the police station who actually cared to discover who shot Terry Two Toes and what was happening with the Argyle Meth Corporation.

In "Task Force', Fitz had to do a mission at the circus and he was bombarded by a bunch of clowns, which triggered his coulrophobia, scaring him into a crippling coma that incapacitated him.

In '"Parent Trap", Fitz was still in his coma physically but mentally, he went to Pussyland, signifying that he was officially trapped, while The Kingpin was free to take over.

In "Christmas in Paradise", Fitz (in the form of The Kingpin), woke up from his coma, revealing to have been faking it. It is unknown if he was faking it from the very start or if he actually was comatose for a while, but decided to keep up the charade. When Fitz woke up, he revealed to the audience that he was villainous and he was the true head of The Argyle Meth Corporation. A flashback montage showed all of the villainous things he'd been doing throughout the season. Fitz swore that he would eventually take out Mayor Karen Crawford and become the new leader of Paradise, just as soon as he took out Kevin, as he was the only cop who he needed to get rid of as he laughed maniacally. This dramatic cliffhanger is how the first season ended.

In "Paradise Found", Fitz decided to make his awakening public knowledge, when he made a public appearance in front of the entire city of Paradise, during Kevin's award ceremony. Kevin was happy to see that Fitz was up and running again and Fitz said that since his awakening, he started a Dippin' Dots factory. Fitz gave Kevin a badge that said "Best Friend", which was actually a hidden camera/microphone meant to track his every move and eventually destroy him. Fitz got into his limo with Thester, who was now pretending to be his evil sidekick so that he could better understand what was wrong with him and eventually cure him.

When Kevin proved Dusty Marlow's innocence, it led to the downfall of Fitz's newfound Dippin' Dots business, which put him into an economic slump. Fitz was angry about this, but Thester assured him that he could still stay afloat, using his new team of villains, he's assembled. Thester introduced Fitz to previous Season 1 villains, such as Frank Flipperfist, Jerry Flipperfist, Pedro Pooptooth, Edna Dorsaldigits, Puffy the Cigarette, Pat Robertson, and Harvey Weinstein. Together, led by Fitz, these villains formed The Legion of Dooooom and they'd be enacting his evil plan, which he called "Operation: D.D.", although he never made it clear what "D.D." stood for. Fitz loved the idea of having these villains on board with making his evil dreams come true but he was against having Harvey Weinstein working with them and had him swiftly fired. Thester proposed that Fitz get his old job as a Paradise P.D. cop back so that he could play both sides and gain the trust of the heroes.

In "Big Ball Energy", Fitz had started working at Paradise P.D. again and it was obvious that he hated Kevin's guts for ruining his business. Randall Crawford announced to the company that there was a new drug, plaguing the clean streets of Paradise called houndstooth meth, which was blowing last season's argyle meth out of the water. Fitz called up Thester for more information on houndstooth meth, saying that it was high time they find the kingpin of the houndstooth meth business and shut it down so that they can take houndstooth meth for themselves and sell it.

At this time, FBI agent, Agent Clappers payed Paradise P.D. a visit and told them that he forbade them to investigate the houndstooth meth case, after how poorly they handled last year's argyle meth case. Because of this, Clappers stated that he and the FBI would be taking over instead.

Fitz worked with Dusty to bust some houndstooth meth salespeople, while secretly trying to discover their kingpin for his own reasons. While Dusty got stuck in the police car, Fitz broke into the crackhouse, where he found Cop Bot as the houndstooth meth kingpin. Fitz convinced Cop Bot to join forces with him so they could take over the houndstooth meth business together and be more powerful than ever before. Cop Bot was swayed and printed him out the recipe but then Fitz snatched the recipe from him and betrayed him by shooting him dead.

In "Tucker Carlson is a Huge Dick", Fitz cut work, telling the Chief that he was taking the day off for a made up holiday called "Martin Lawrence King Day". Rightfully, Randall didn't believe this for a second but when Fitz accused him of racism for not accepting his culture, Randall was obligated to give him the day off for no reason anyway. This gave Fitz enough time to focus the entire day on his constructing his houndstooth meth empire.

Now that they had the ingredients for houndstooth meth, Fitz and Thester went out to get a truckload of sodium hydroxide. On their way back to the Dippin' Dots factory, they were hijacked and kidnapped by the radical feminist-terrorist organization Gal-Qaeda, who stole their sodium hydroxide for their own evil plan, where they'd use it to dissolve the genitals of every man in the world, which they called "Operation: Dick Dissolve" or "Operation: D.D." Fitz was mad at them for stealing the name of his evil plan and on a side note, was pretty worried about Gal-Qaeda dissolving his penis.

It was later revealed that Tucker Carlson was the leader of Gal-Qaeda and he wanted to dissolve everyone's penises to have his own become the world largest. Tucker Carlson changed his ways but it was all too late as Fitz and Thester fought him and the feminists to death and had Carlson's entire body dissolved in a vat of sodium hydroxide. After this, they escaped with the sodium hydroxide and got down to making houndstooth meth.

In "Who Ate Wally's Waffles?", houndstooth meth went mainstream thanks to The Legion of Dooooom and Randall was determined to crack down on the case, despite Clappers' wishes. Fitz had Thester and Frank plant a bomb under Randall's car as a murder attempt but it failed as Kevin noticed the car bomb and saved his dad's life.

In "The Father, The Son, and The Holy Post-It Note", Fitz was raking in dough from houndstooth meth sales to fund Operation: D.D. and for him to give The Legion of Dooooom a raise, paying them with Troll Dolls. A slight sliver of a problem arose when Thester locked all of their money in a storage unit and forgot the password. Because the money was locked away for so long, Thester had no way of paying the rent for said locker, leading to it getting foreclosed and repossessed by Miss Geraldine. Needless to say, Fitz was pretty pissed off about this.

Fitz and Thester went to Miss Geraldine's house to get the money back but Miss Geraldine told them that she already sent the money to the Catholic Church. This led them to the Catholic Church, where a Catholic Priest was counting his newly obtained dough. Fitz led his army of everyone else from The Legion of Dooooom into the church and demanded the priest that he give the money back. The priest rudely refused and beat them all bloody, kicking them out of the church and keeping them broke.

After breaking into the FBI, and discovering Agent Clappers' information desk, Randall discovered a post-it note with the address of The Legion of Dooooom's abandoned Dippin' Dots factory. He tracked down Gerald Fitzgerald there and walked in on him confessing to being The Kingpin, destroying his trust in him as a police officer at Paradise P.D. Fitz tried to have Randall killed but Randall escaped and told Kevin what he did, while Kevin caught it all on camera. However, Randall said that he broke into the FBI before he could tell him who The Kingpin was, leading to his immediate arrest.

Back at The Legion of Dooooom, Fitz still needed a plan to get their money back. Frank proposed they dress up his son, Jerry like an altar boy to seduce the priest but Fitz declined, saying that an ugly freak of nature like Jerry was not "molestable" enough to secude the priest. Pat Robertson invited Jesus Christ down from Heaven to help them and said that they could have Jesus convince the priest to give them their money back. Jesus went to the church to ask for the money back but the priest didn't listen to him either and beat Jesus and The Legion of Dooooom senseless once again. This time, however, Jerry was able to steal the money back, while the priest was distracted. Fitz was so grateful that Jerry helped him that he started kissing him all over. Frank was amused that Fitz was doing this, despite previously saying that his son was unmolestable.

At the end of the episode, FBI agent, Agent Dunfore uncovered the houndstooth meth case and arrested Fitz. However, Agent Dunfore was unable to report him to the FBI because Agent Clappers shot him dead 0.7 seconds before retirement. Agent Clappers came up to Fitz and told him the deed was done, revealing to the audience that Clappers was a corrput FBI agent, who was secretly a member of The Legion of Dooooom, who only took Paradise P.D. off the houndstooth meth case to impede their investigation, while he sat around and did nothing to stop them, explaining his slowness to bust The Legion of Dooooom.

In "Flip the Vote", Fitz heard that Mayor Crawford was legalizing houndstooth meth as part of her re-election campaign, despite running unopposed. This stunt was so successful, her already inevitable win was in the bag. With the legalization of houndstooth, there was a restaurant called MethDonald's that opened, legally serving houndstooth to people for lower prices than The Legion of Dooooom's drug dealers sold it for. With the legalization of houndstooth meth The Legion of Dooooom was in danger of going out of business, so Fitz had to combat Karen.

Fitz entered the political race to compete with Karen Crawford and told everybody that if he became the mayor, he swore to catch The Houndstooth Meth Kingpin and bust him once and for all. Nobody seemed to be on board with Fitz becoming mayor until he said that if he was elected, then nobody would have to vote for a woman, which immediately gained him a dedicated following.

While under crackhouse arrest, Randall told Kevin that Fitz was The Kingpin but Kevin refused to believe this, trusting his best friend way too much to even consider him a villain.

Despite his following, Fitz's potential voters still didn't compare to Karen's. Frank helped Fitz get an entire new group of voters, by having him campaign down in Flipperville to get the votes of all the flipper people, promising that if he becomes mayor, he'll let the flipper people come to the surface, so they can have equal rights and live in harmony with the rest of the humans. This immediately got him a massive following that outranked Karen's. Karen changed the Paradise constitution to say that flipper people were no longer legally considers citizens of Paradise, knocking Fitz down to the runner up league again. Frank and Thester gave Fitz the idea to make the flipper people legal citizens. Due to the fact that all flipper people were born of the same mother, this being the Dolphin Queen, if Fitz, a legal citizen of Paradise, married her, all of her children would be green-carded in.

Fitz went down to the sewers again to marry The Dolphin Queen but she refused to marry him unless he romanced her first. Fitz was forced to go on a bunch of romantic dates with her, where he was kissed all over the face by her. Finally, at the wedding, Fitz and The Dolphin Queen got married but before it became official, Fitz had do consummate their love by publicly fucking The Dolphin Queen in front of all her perverted, incestuous children. With that, all of the flipper people were now legal citizens of Paradise.

Fitz came into the crackhouse to announce to Randall that he was going to kill Kevin when he became mayor and that there wasn't a thing he could do other than sit around and watch. He also let him know that Agent Clappers was working for him, which came as little to no surprise to Randall. Fitz then got a phone call from his wife, accusing him of cheating on her with other dolphins.

On election day, Fitz had the flipper people go to the polls but Karen had one more trick up her sleeve. Karen used voter suppression to keep the flipper people away from the polls. She said that in order for people to vote, they'd have to do a bunch of racially-biased eligibility tests which can only be done with fingers, such as trimming a baby's fingernails, winding a wristwatch, and playing Camptown Races on the clarinet. After that, it was a simple climb up a rock wall to reach the voting booth. Obviously, all of the flipper people failed to complete these tasks and the polls closed before anybody could vote. However, none of Karen's voters voted either because they were all so high on houndstooth meth, they never even left their homes. The only person in Paradise who actually voted was Kevin, who voted for Fitz, believing that his mom was being very unethical in her ways of becoming mayor.

Fitz was inaugurated as the mayor of Paradise and now that he had complete and total power over everybody, Fitz announced that he was The Kingpin, taking everybody by surprise. Fitz made it his first order of business to make cop murder legal and then kill Paradise P.D. He summoned his army of Legion of Dooooom members to shoot them. Kevin was heartbroken to see that Fitz was The Kingpin and tried to deny it. Fitz was about to shoot him but Randall took the bullet for him and ended up mortally wounded. Gina got all of the cops and Karen into the squad car and they fled down.

In "Paradise PD Meets Brickleberry", Fitz ordered Thester to leave town and search of Paradise P.D. and bring them back to him dead or alive. At the end of the episode, Thester was able to discover them in Brickleberry National Park.

In "Operation: D.D.", by the order of Fitz, Thester hunted down and stopped Paradise P.D. at Brickleberry but instead of killing them or capturing them, he revealed to them that he was actually a good guy and explained the whole story about Fitz being a good person with multiple personality disorder and him being his psychologist. This included how the real Fitz was trapped in Pussyland, while The Kingpin persona was controlling his body. He required the help of Paradise P.D. and Karen to stop The Kingpin and save Fitz.

At this time, Agent Clappers went up to Fitz and told him that he was opting out of The Legion of Dooooom, not wanting to go along with his evil plans anymore. Fitz threatened that if he quit the team, he would vandalize his family portrait, which brought Clappers to his knees.

The team went back to Paradise, where the entire town was encased in a giant steel wall, constructed by Fitz while they were gone. After circumventing the border, they saw that Fitz had constructed a massive lair in the middle of Paradise, which was guarded by an army of flipper people. After killing their way through the army, infiltrated the headquarters, only to go into the building and immediately see Fitz and The Legion of Dooooom surrounding them. Apparently, Thester didn't like how Randall decapitated his grandmother earlier so he snitched on them, while they were entering the building.

Fitz tied all of the members of Paradise P.D. and Karen to the fish tank with The Dolphin Queen in it and at long last, explained to them what Operation: D.D. was and what it was all about. Fitz was clearly under the influence of The Kingpin, taking on his persona and even seeing himself as such, even so much as distancing himself from the actual Gerald Fitzgerald. As such, "The Kingpin" said that he was very pissed off with the fact that "Fitz" failed to give him a Chicago style deep dish pizza in negotiations and to make up for it, he planned on turning Paradise into a giant pizza with "Operation: Deep Dish". "The Kingpin" blew up some giant containers of pizza sauce on the mountains, summoned an army of helicopters to drop some mozzarella on the town, and also blew open the dam, causing a flood of pizza sauce to engulf the streets of Paradise. He set a timer for exactly half an hour, which would set off a nuclear weapon to get fired into the air, only to drop back down onto Paradise, cooking them to a crisp, turning Paradise into a giant perfect pizza, to get posthumous revenge on "Fitz".

"The Kingpin" locked Paradise P.D. and Karen away in the dungeon so they would never stop him. However, Agent Clappers let them out and gained their trust by forcing Randall to feel his testicles. Gina distracted The Legion of Dooooom by calling them up as head of HR and called in a meeting on sexual harassment training, which distracted them long enough for the rest of Paradise P.D., Karen, and Clappers to go and fight "The Kingpin".

"The Kingpin" came face to face with Paradise P.D., Karen, and Clappers and threatened to vandalize The Clappers Family portrait if they took a step closer. Randall tackled "The Kingpin" and made him drop the photo and Clappers caught it, only to find that "The Kingpin's" fingerprints were all over it now. Clappers was so upset about his family portrait getting vandalized, that he committed suicide. While Randall held "The Kingpin" down, Kevin hooked up a brain device to his head and transported himself into "The Kingpin's" brain to save the real Fitz.

Inside of Fitz's brain, Kevin was able to break into Pussyland and bust Fitz out. When they escaped Pussyland, they were stopped by Fitz's imaginary representation of The Kingpin, who was depicted as a monster of titanic proportions. The Kingpin captured Fitz and guilt tripped him by reminding him of all the lives that were lost due to his incompetence in the hostage negotiation and Fitz was so ashamed he didn't even fight back. However, Kevin showed Fitz that because all of the people he killed were Instagram influencers, he actually did a good thing for the world. Fitz was convinced he was a hero but said that The Kingpin was like God here and he was unable to stop him. Kevin reminded Fitz that this was his imagination so he was God here. Fitz used his imagination to imagine himself as a giant, invincible, all-powerful, superhero, who used his epic powers to destroy The Kingpin is the most visually epic way possible. After this, Fitz and Kevin woke up and Fitz was officially cured of his Kingpin persona and was now a one hundred percent, an all-around good guy.

With mere minutes until the nukes were fired, Karen took Fitz down to the deactivation station, where his retinal scan was required to stop the nukes. Fitz tried to stop the nukes with his retinal scan but when he his, his access was denied and a video message came up, left by Fitz, back when he was still "The Kingpin". Apparently, "The Kingpin" foresaw "Fitz" defeating him so just in case that happened, he disabled the retinal scan deactivation code so that "Fitz" could never stop the nukes. After this, time ran out and the nuke was fired into the air. Fortunately, Dobby came in on a helicopter as a last-minute deux ex machina and sacrificed his life, blowing himself up in midair, saving all of Paradise for a nuclear apocalypse. Immediately after that, it was revealed that "The Kingpin" came prepared for this too, as a second backup nuke was also fired into the air. This time the nuke succeeded in blowing up the town and it cooked the city into a perfect Chicago style deep dish pizza, just like "The Kingpin" had always planned, making him successful in his evil deeds. This dramatic cliffhanger is how Season 2 ended and the rest of this story would not be seen until Season 3.

In "Fallout", a now newly recovered Fitz looked around and saw the damage he caused to Paradise and felt deeply sorry for how he acted, while under the influence of The Kingpin. Although Kevin assured him it wasn't his fault, Randall was dedicated to holding him 100% responsible. Later in the episode, Fitz's marriage to the Dolphin Queen from "Flip the Vote" still stood as not only was she still living with him, but she was also pregnant with their child, Junior Fitzgerald, who she later gave birth to in the same episode. This son, wasn't actually biologically Fitz's child. He was Bullet's son but didn't seem to notice and raised Bullet as his own son anyway.

In "Top Cops", it was revealed that there was a whole subspecies of Paradise Nuking Survivors, who swore vengeance on Fitz for mutating them in the nuclear bombing and demanded to know where he was. Karen lied to them, saying that he was sent to jail, when in actuality, she pardoned him after he turned over his mayorship back to her. Later in the episode, The Legion of Dooooom broke into Fitz's apartment and scared the crap out of him when he was in the shower. Fitz told them that he was no longer doing evil anymore and as their leader, ordered them all to go straight and start doing good for society, just to get them off his back.

Karen told Fitz how she lied to the mutants, saying he was in jail and placed him in witness protection as a white guy named Beans Stinkwater. Fitz had to go in whiteface to disguise himself, whenever he went near the Mutant Ghetto, just so that he wouldn't get killed. Deep down, Fitz felt really bad about how he ruined the lives of so many people but didn't have the guts to come clean about it because he was afraid that they would kill him if he revealed his true identity.


Gerald Fitzgerald is a tall, buff, dark-skinned man with a raven mustache and buzzcut hairstyle. He wears the typical police uniform of a cornflower shirt, yale pants, black shoes, and yellow badges.


Mental Disorders

Fitz has been shown to suffer from PTSD and Dissociative Identity Disorder. His PTSD was caused by a traumatic incident that happened at work, where he was caught in an explosion that nearly killed him and successfully killed the hostages he was trying to save. On top of his PTSD, the crushing guilt of him knowing he indirectly murdered those hostages also caused him to get Multiple Personality Disorder.

The Kingpin

The Kingpin is one of Fitz's alternate personalities and is essentially an impersonation of the criminal of the same name. The Kingpin is a villainous, hateful, greedy, crime lord, who holds people hostage and sells different kinds of decorative meth. The Kingpin's goals are to get money, fame, and Chicago deep-dish pizza. Before getting blown to death, the real Kingpin wanted a deep-dish pizza from Fitz but the latter could only get Hot-N-Readies, which The Kingpin was very unhappy with. Fitz adapted this character trait into his persona of The Kingpin and made it "The Kingpin's" goal to get revenge on himself by drowning him and everyone else in Paradise is a giant deep-dish pizza, in a plan, he calls "Operation Deep-Dish" (or Operation: D.D.).


Gerald Fitzgerald is a stereotypical black guy, who enjoys doing "black" things like listening to rap music and following the lives of African-American celebrities. Meanwhile, he outright rejects indulging in any "white" culture, claiming to not be a fan of such things as pulling pranks, shopping at Ikea, or wearing cargo shorts. Despite this, he still listens to Michael Buble, which is presented as a "white" thing in this universe. Although he rejects anything Eurocentric, Fitz's cultural appreciation extends beyond Africa, as he's also been shown to engage in Asian culture as well. Fitz practices yoga, meditation, and Buddhist spiritual practices.

Villainous Acts

  • In "Black & Blue", Fitz's multiple personality disorder overpowered him and he developed an alternate personality of a rebellious, law-breaking thug, who took pride in shooting a police officer, with this cop being his other personality. In court, he stole the bailiff's gun and held himself at gunpoint, taking Officer Fitzgerald hostage.
  • In "Meet the Jabowskis", Fitz and Bullet faked sick to skip work. On their day off, they stole a briefcase full of money from a dead man in a car accident and making no effort to solve the case of this dead man, having unlawfully taken the day off. Being somewhat responsible, they waited twenty-four hours before cashing in the check and waited in a motel at this time. However, Fitz suspected Bullet would run off with the money and fought with him for ownership of the money. The two of them got into an all-out brawl all night before racing against each other to get to the bank the following afternoon. He and Bullet continued to lie to The Chief about skipping word for good reason, when he found out there were in a motel. Fitz masked his lie behind an embarrassing secret, saying that he and Bullet went to the motel to have sex, which Randall totally understood.
  • In "Police Academy", Fitz got a lap dance from one of the prostitutes, Bullet arrested, taking part in his corrupt leadership of The Paradise Police Department.
  • In "Task Force", Fitz punched Kathy Griffin in the face for no reason.
  • In "Christmas in Paradise", Fitz revealed that he was secretly leading a double life as the kingpin of the argyle meth corporation and that he betrayed his own lackeys just to keep himself from getting busted by his fellow cops. A flashback showed that he held Terry Two-Toes and Santa Claus in creating and distributing argyle meth and he was also directly responsible for the deaths of Kevin's task force. Fitz announced that Kevin was on his case and was getting too smart for him, so he would have to snuff him out next.
  • In "Paradise Found", Fitz plants spyware on Kevin and uses it to hear everything he says and monitor him everywhere he goes. When he hears that Kevin is looking for footage to prove Dusty's innocence, he breaks into The Cloud and fights them as he steals the footage, in disguise as Cap'n Crunch. Fitz ties Miss Geraldine up in ropes, dynamite, and chainsaws and throws her into a costume rental shop as a red herring. Fitz blows up tons of C4 on a Cold Storage Building, in an attempt to kill Kevin and Gina Jabowski. Fitz and his villainous henchman, Thester Carbomb IV first establish their drug corporation, the Legion of Dooooom.
  • In "Big Ball Energy", Fitz hunts down Cop Bot, the kingpin of the houndstooth meth corporation. He tricks Cop Bot into giving him the recipe, under the guise that he'll join him in villainy but after Cop Bot prints out the recipe, Fitz shoots him.
  • In "Tucker Carlson is a Huge Dick", Fitz and Thester hire a corrupt businessman named Brett DeMarco to work for The Legion of Dooooom. They also fight Gal-Qaeda and ucker Carlson to the death for ownership of the ingredients. After getting the ingredients, Fitz and The Legion of Dooooom started selling houndstooth meth.
  • In "Who Ate Wally's Waffles?", Fitz orders Thester and Frank to plant a carbomb under Randall's car in an attempt to kill him.
  • In "The Father, The Son, and the Holy Post-It Note", Fitz and The Legion of Doooooom broke into a Catholic Church and fought a priest and his nunnery to steal their nuns. When Randall discovers that Fitz is the kingpin, Fitz has everybody open fire on him. Randall escapes but is later arrested by the FBI. It turns out later that the FBI arrest was ordered by Fitz, as Agent Clappers was a corrupt agent, who worked for him. Clappers also assisted Fitz in murdering Agent Dunfore, when he was about to arrest him.
  • In "Flip the Vote", Fitz became the mayor of Paradise and as his first order of business, made cop murder legal in Paradise and opened fire on Paradise P.D., running them out of town.
  • In "Paradise P.D. Meets Brickleberry", Fitz ordered Thester to hunt Paradise P.D. down and bring them to him dead or alive.
  • In "Operation: D.D.", Fitz initiated "Operation D.D.", which was to turn Paradise into a giant pizza, by covering the town in giant pizza ingredients and then nuking it with nuclear missiles.
  • In "Showdown at the O-bese Corral", Fitz bribed a gas station owner into giving him free gas by promising to send him a picture of his wife's vagina. However, he instead tricked him with a photo of his butthole, which he passed off as a picture of his wife's vagina. He waited until the guy was finished masturbating to it to tell him that it was actually a photo of his anus before laughing and driving off in a car full of stolen gas. Later, Fitz used this same fake picture to bribe Randall into rehiring him after he so rudely and profanely quit before by cussing at him, flipping him off, and even throwing his badge in his face.
  • In "Blind Drunk", Fitz considered cheating on his wife with Kevin.


  • Gerald Fitzgerald used to work for Chicago P.D. before working in Paradise. On Christmas on 2014, Fitz failed to keep up his end of the bargain in a hostage negotiation with The Kingpin, leading to the latter blowing up a bomb factory and killing everyone inside. This event was so traumatic, that it gave him PTSD, which he's still trying to recover from today.
    • Fitz was also so emotionally distraught about this, that he got multiple personality disorder and one of his alternate personalities was that of The Kingpin.
  • A running gag associated with Fitz is for him to break the fourth wall to teach the audience a very important lesson. These are called "Fitz Bitz" and they are a parody on NBC's "The More You Know" PSAs.
  • Fitz mentioned having a pet pitbull in "Ass on the Line". However, this pitbull had never made any appearances in future episodes.
  • Fitz has anal warts.
  • Fitz's favorite song is the Michael Bublé, Celine Dion, and the Mortal Kombat theme song, playing at the same time.


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