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Gerald Upton (mostly known as Brother Upton) is one main antagonist of Legend Quest: Masters of Myth. He is a higher up in The Brotherhood who came to Leo alongside Friar Godofredo to offer Leo full membership. He's also the herald of Coyolxāuhqui.

He was voiced by Gerardo Reyero in hispanic language and Chuck Morgan in english dub.



In the first episode, Teodora calls Upton "creepy, always lurking". Leo calls it an exaggeration, but this is actually a foreshadow of his true nature. Upton becomes this in the season finale, when the now freed Coyolxāuhqui touches him in the forehead. As the Moon Herald, he attempts to destroy the heroes with his evil power, and leads the corrupted Brotherhood in restoring Coyolxāuhqui's power.


Apparently he is an elderly man, passing the 60 years approx. It is of robust build; having volume in the belly and, his cheeks are quite thick that hang down the wrinkles of the face, having a mole on the left side of these. His hair is gray and is flicked back, revealing a visible bald spot from the forehead. As a member of The Brotherhood, he wears a purple robe on the sides, dark magenta in the middle and has the organization's emblem (a yellow flame) engraved, and has a brown rope as a belt.



As a young adult, Upton was fascinated by the legends told of Coyolxāuhqui and his defeat at the hands of his mother and brother. Upon hearing of a secret organization, specialized in supernatural cases, he learned that those behind it kept secrets about the rivalry between Coyolxāuhqui and Huitzilopochtli, getting involved in the battle between both gods.

Gerald upton young.png

By joining The Brotherhood for the sole reason of finding information about the goddess, he was able to do so by reading the books that were in the library. When he went with the brothers to speak to them of the virtuous greatness of the goddess, he would only receive the rejection and ridicule from the rest members for considering her a merciless monster.

Excluded by his fellows, Upton went away to spend day and night meditating alone in his room until he received a viable answer. Suddenly, a manifestation of Coyolxauhqui spoke with Upton and; told him about the paradigms that circulate in the world; also revealing that she used to rule the world of men until she was betrayed by these same when allying with Coatlicue. That epiphany would be the lucidity that Upton would need to understand what his purpose in the world was, to be Coyolxauhqui's emissary and the disciple he had waited for a long time.

Control Over the Organization


Team's Recruitment


Betraying for the Cult

Arranges for Godofredo to be killed to keep him from telling Leo about his plans, arranges for Mister Madera to attack Team Legend and turn them into dolls, then when he learns of their survival from Marcella, he claims that an enchantment is making Godofredo, and now Leo, spout nonsense about the Brotherhood trying to end the world with hopes of playing both teams against each other.

In case the heroes think they have the element of surprise, especially when Upton is one piece away from completing his plan to free Coyolxāuhqui, Upton has an inside man working on Marcella's Team to get to her and use her as a battery for his machine, which is set to draw senergy from a Chupacabra, the Efrit, the Gargouille, the Anansi, the Caipora, and the Aswang, in order to free Coyolxāuhqui, because the only thing that can channel this much senergy out of supernatural creatures is a Hechicera.

In Episode 10, After learning of the Churel's failure against Team Legend, and that Renfield was betrayed and supplanted by Evaristo, but otherwise got away, Upton claims that for his efforts, Renfield deserves some sort of reward then he, presses a button on his desk and sends Renfield down a trap door. When Renfield is quickly revealed to still be alive, he orders Brother MaGuffin to drop a cactus plant into the hole. When that fails to hit him, Brother Grace drops in two more cacti. After a while, Renfield speaks up, revealing himself to still be okay, much to Upton's chagrin.

The same machine that Upton used (and nearly killed Marcella with) to reawaken Coyolxāuhqui is rebuilt, with Leo acting as the battery to put it in reverse, since he is able to see ghosts and magical creatures by perceiving their senergy (supernatural energy), and MaGuffin forced to help under threat of having Mister Madera feed on his soul. Despite the Moon Herald's best efforts to keep the blast from hitting the goddess and turning her back to stone, the beam soon grows far beyond his control. Upton is obliterated in seconds.



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