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Geraldine Husk is one of the recurring villains in Totally Spies!. She is the leader of the fake spy agency SPI (short for Super Protection International).

She was voiced by Kathy Laskey.


Geraldine make her first appearance in "S.P.I." where she and her team manage to arrest a duo of fleeing burglar. They later arrest many other burglary and a rebellion in a South America's country, after that the SPI gains popularity and the WHOOP are forced to give up and stop their activities. However, Sam keeps investigating and discover that the criminals that Geraldine and her associate has arrested are the same person in all of those crimes, so Sam decide to go to SPI's headquarters to know much about her discoveries. Over there Geraldine tells at his minions to prepare the jet for the next step of her plan, but Sam who listening them from the vent fall on the table and Geraldine capture her.

Later, Clover and Alex meet Geraldine in her desk, but they are also captured by her, with the girl captive in a centrifuge chamber Geraldine reveals her plan involving stealing all the money in monetary reserves all around the world and the reason for why she did that, indeed she would take revenge against the WHOOP because they do not take her as an agent when she was a teenager.

After that she program the centrifuge chamber at his maximum speed to kill the girls, but they escape the deadly trap and destroy two of the three jet, but Geraldine manage to escape aboard the last one and try to reach the federal reserve to rob it, however the girls are able to reach the plane thanks to an UFO and Sam ties up Geraldine with the belt, after the spies defeat Geraldine's henchmen she tries to avoid the plane to crash by controlling the handle with her leg but the girls arrive and try to control it themselves, but they are finally saved by Jerry and the WHOOP and Geraldine is arrested.

Geraldine returns in "Super Agent Much" where she pours a special mixture in Clover's coffee who turn her into a bionic super spy then she engages Sergei Siberia for robbing bank in order to Clover feel that she is very strong and do not need anybody to arrest criminals, after that Clover become very arrogant and after she arrests the last criminals wanted by the WHOOP she joins Geraldine on her artificial island, after some investigations Sam and Alex discover that Geraldine are the one who are behind Clover's transformation and decide to go to Geraldine's island.

Over there Sam and Alex are captured by carnivorous plants who present them to Geraldine, then Geraldine reveals her final plan who consist of turn Clover against the WHOOP, so she gives the mixture that she gives previously at Clover to her cat to turn him very aggressive in order that he kills the girls, but once again they escape and try to catch Geraldine but Clover interferes and fight the duo but thanks to a gadget the girls are able to defeat Clover and thanks to an antidote that Jerry made Clover return to normal and Geraldine is once again arrested.

Geraldine makes another appearance in "Arnold The Great" where she steals an armored truck to make a trap for the spies, so she let the stolen vehicle on a parking and let the backdoor open with a hologram of the "thief" in the truck in order that the spies think that it's a real person and try to catch him, but Arnold Jackson a classmate of the girls who wants to catch the thief himself, fall in the trap instead of the girls, but they save him from the death.

After her failure Geraldine changes her plan and turn Arnold against the trio by making him think that he is better than the girls and give him a belt who brainwash him, later Arnold makes a false distress phone call to lure the girls into a trap and when the girls arrive at the place of the phone call, Arnold capture them and bring them in his tree house, over there Geraldine joins Arnold and finally reveals her intention to kill Jerry Lewis the leader of the WHOOP, the girls and Arnold himself.

After she put off Arnold's belt she releases a tornado which she contained in a briefcase, so the tornado take away the hut with Arnold and the girls inside, however the girls are able, thanks to Arnold, to free themselves and escape from the hut with him thanks to a jetpack bag.

Meanwhile, Geraldine tries to kill Jerry with her flying motorcycle when he walks in the Beverly Hills Park with Sparky, a puppy that Alex have adopted, however the girls intervene and try to defeat Geraldine, but she manages to tie them up and try to kill them also, but Arnold arrives and grabs Geraldine's leg which retain her attention and she stops to attack the girls, but she manages to make him let go and try one time again to kill Jerry, but this time Arnold shoot a gel in the exhaust of the bike which damage the engine and neutralize it for good, for the third time Geraldine is once again arrested and say that she will take his revenge on Arnold.

Despite she not appears in "Another Evil Boyfriend" Geraldine is however responsible for all Clover's trouble because she is the one who engage Blaine for kill Clover by making him believe that she is an evil spies who need to be eliminated.

She makes her final appearance in "The Return of Geraldine" where she makes some events to make Clover's life hellish like turn her private SPA in public SPA or turn her vegetarian restaurant in meat restaurant or make Sam think that Clover have stolen her homework or make Alex think that she have driven her car and have damaged it or make Jerry think that she have stolen a gadget.

Blaine on his side conducts an investigation to know who are the people who has engaged him to kill Clover, so he calls Geraldine to tell that Clover doesn't represent a threat any more and finally when the call ends he manages to locate the origin of the call, and thus locate Geraldine's Island, so he goes over there and he is captured by a plant.

Meanwhile, Clover begins to investigate to prove her innocence, so she begins to search clue in Alex's car and finds the imprint of the thief's face on the airbag, after she has scanned the airbag and has the reconstitution of the thief 's face she recognizes Geraldine and understand that she is the one who is responsible for all the events that she has faced, at the same time she receives a distress call of Blaine who managed to take his phone and ask Clover's help, so Clover goes to the Island and after a confrontation with Geraldine she is also captured by the plant and Geraldine thanks to a special gun softens both Clover and Blaine and goes away.

Meanwhile, Sam and Alex who have learnt that Geraldine has escaped from the WHOOP's Prison and have understood that its Geraldine who are in fact behind all this, go to the island to save their best friend and see that Geraldine flee with Blaine's submarine, so they arrive at Geraldine's island and after that Clover and Blaine could have freed themselves the duo use the gun to make Blaine and Clover return to their normal state, so after that they chase Geraldine with the plane that Sam and Alex have used to go to the Island and finally thanks to the softening gun Alex are able to stop Geraldine's submarine and Geraldine is for the last time arrested and incarcerated.


  • Geraldine's white Persian-like cat can be a reference to James Bond's archenemy Ernst Stavro Blofeld's cat.
  • Geraldine's hatred against Clover can be inappropriate because it's Sam who have thwarted Geraldine's project the most.


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