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Don't listen to them Summer, don't listen to any of them!
~ Geraldine attempts to forcefully turn Summer against Billy and Todd, but fails when Summer chooses them over her homophobic grandmother.

Geraldine Spellman was a supporting antagonist of the British soap opera Coronation Street, serving as a major antagonist in both 2017 and 2018 respectively. She is the homophobic grandmother of Summer Spellman who forbid her from seeing her late father's closest friend Billy Mayhew and the latter's boyfriend Todd Grimshaw, due to Geraldine expressing a distaste for gay people and even cursing at her own late son for being one from a previous relationship with Billy.

She is portrayed by Lynne Verrall.


Geraldine Spellman was the husband of Agnus and they had a son named Drew, who later became a homosexual much to his mother's chagrin. At somepoint she disowned her son due to his homosexuality and it was then her homophobic nature continued to develop over the following years, despite having strained contact with him in order to see her adoptive granddaughter Summer.

Sometime later in 2017, Drew had terminal cancer and he later died in the year itself. Beforehand he summoned his old friend Billy Mayhew, who is joined by his boyfriend Todd Grimshaw in meeting Drew at the hospital prior to his death; Drew requests Billy and Todd to adopt Summer after his passing. However, Geraldine refuses to accept this and forbids Summer from ever seeing both Billy and Todd ever again. She goes as far as to try and exclude Billy and Todd from Drew's funeral. When they turn up anyways, Geraldine threatens to call the police on them unless they stay away from Summer for good. However, Summer wishes to live with Billy and Todd at Drew's late request; Geraldine objects to this, and is enraged when Angus decided to support Summer's decision in honor of their late son.

A few months later, Geraldine attempt to extract custody of Summer from Billy when the latter gets hospitalized after being abducted by local resident Peter Barlow - as the latter discovered that Billy had been responsible for the car crash that caused the death of Peter's late sister, Susan, back in 2001. Soon enough, Peter informs his other sister Tracy Barlow and their father Ken Barlow about this so they can discuss how to reveal the truth to Susan's son Adam Barlow. In the end, Adam's discovery leads him to seeking revenge against Billy and he later has a chance matter after running into Geraldine and learning about her plans to get custody of Summer from Billy.

In 2018, Geraldine becomes impatient with Adam's progressive efforts and later attempts to force Billy to relinquish custody of Summer to her. This continues after Summer is nearly kidnapped by a paedophile at school and Billy ends up having a drug addiction with his estranged brother Lee, which eventually causes Billy to decide in giving Geraldine custody of Summer - even though Summer prefers to stay with Billy. Furthermore, Todd has been remanded in police custody after assaulting a policeman and attempting to do a runner with Summer back in Christmas 2017.

However, Summer runs away and goes to stay with Todd's mother Eileen and her villainous husband Pat Phelan. Later on Geraldine comes to recollect her granddaughter, but Eileen and Phelan force her to leave after telling Geraldine just how much Summer resents her for her homophobic bigotry. Eventually, Geraldine relents and accepts defeat by allowing Summer to stay with Billy at the Grimshaw residence. Though it is later confirmed that Summer does still remain in contact with her grandmother at times off-screen, thereby hinting that their relationship may have improved overtime.



  • She made a total of 13 appearances during her time on the show.