Gerda Asmund was a human female and former Starfleet officer introduced in the Star Trek: The Next Generation novel Reunion.

Gerda and her sister Idun were the only survivors of the Alpha Zion colony following an attack on the colony by the Klingons. Found by a Klingon warrior named Warrohk, the twins were raised as Klingons by Warrohk and his wife.

After Warrohk died Gerda and her sister both returned to Earth and enrolled in Starfleet Academy. Following graduation Gerda served on the USS daGama before being assigned to the USS Stargazer alongside Idun under Captain Jean-Luc Picard. Some time after reporting on board she began a romantic relationship with Doctor Carter Greyhorse. For the next 18 years Gerda and Greyhorse kept their relationship secret from everyone, with even Idun being not knowing that they were together.

Gerda gave in to her racial hatred of the Daa'Vit Ensign Morgen, she attempted to kill him and then attempted ritual suicide. After being convicted of her crimes Gerda was sentenced to rehabilitation. After serving her sentence in a rehabilitation colony Gerda was changed and wanted a clean break with her past. Greyhorse attempted to resume their relationship, but Gerda refused to resume her relationship with Greyhorse. Working as a mechanic, Gerda died in a shuttle accident some time before 2367.

The breakup with Gerda and her subsequent death caused a breakdown in Greyhorse. Feeling that her former crewmates had abandoned her, Greyhorse tried to kill his former commanding officer and Stargazer crewmates. After being captured Greyhorse himself was sentenced to rehabilitation, a sentence he was still serving in 2379.

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