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The German Surgeon is supporting antagonist of the 2005 American horror film Hostel. He is one of many clients, which keeps torturing innocent tourists.

He was portrayed by Petr Janiš.


The German Surgeon appears in the film, once they finally captured the third tourist Paxton, while the two friends of Paxton got captured and brutally killed. The insane German Surgeon goes in the room, staring at Paxton looking at his eyes. Paxton realizes that he is German, and tries to speak to the surgeon on the German language, trying to reason with him and let off the hook.

Paxton's plan failed, and the surgeon comes from the behind, and place a ball-gag inside of Paxton's mouth so he couldn't keep speaking. Paxton then gets sick from the happenings, and is starting to barf, which escalates in the surgeon removing the ball-gag from his mouth so he could release it out of his mouth. Axton ends up trying to bite the surgeon's fingers in self-defense, which makes the surgeon furious and he goes onto getting a chainsaw, and uses the chainsaw to remove Axton's fingers.

Once the surgeon finished removing the fingers, he suddenly flips from the ball-gag on the ground, getting his leg chainsawed. Paxton then finds a gun, and kills the surgeon by shooting him in the head.



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