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NOTE: This page is a 1992 Anime version of Germatoid. And since the Germatoid from Manga/Crystal is the same person as Doctor Tomoe, only Germatoid from the 1992 anime should be included.
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Top: Germatoid's true form. Bottom left: Germatoid's face. Bottom right: Germatoid in the form of several monsters.

What a pity, such clever young ladies. Too bad you didn't enroll to make those sharp brains free for Diamohn use--just like my all-time favorite pupil, Tomoe!
~ Germatoid before revealing himself from Tomoe.
You're wasting your time! I've analyzed all your moves and techniques! You cannot defeat me!!
~ Germatoid to Uranus and Neptune as he controls his vessels.

Germatoid is an evil demonic monster who works for Pharaoh 90 and an antagonist from Sailor Moon S.


He possessed Doctor Tomoe following a lab explosion, thus making him evil throughout most of Sailor Moon S.

Tomoe searched for Pure Hearts, at first to find the Purity Chalice, and then to feed Mistress 9, and once she awakened, she sent Tomoe after Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune. From here, Germatoid decided that he no longer needed Tomoe's body, so he left him, revealing himself to be a giant monster.

Sailor Uranus blew him to bits, but he survived and entered several humanoid monsters created by Tomoe.

Sailor Neptune used her mirror to reveal the real one (as the others were fake), and Sailor Uranus stabbed Germatoid in the face with her sword, completely destroying him. With his death, the fakes all disappeared.


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