[Roaring Ferociously] Where is he!? When I am through with that one-eyed weasel, he's gonna need two eyepatches!
~ Gertie swearing revenge on Buck.
What!? I'm too young to go extinct! AHH!!
~ Gertie realizing her family's mistake.

Gertie is one of the two secondary antagonists (alongside Gavin) of the 2016 film Ice Age: Collision Course. She is a female Dakotaraptor who is Gavin's daughter, henchwoman and oldest child and Roger's older sister.

She was voiced by Stephanie Beatriz.


Gertie is a Dakotaraptor who has the same appearance as her father and her brother as all three of them have red feathers, orange eyes, blue scales, a white underbelly and a black beak.

Gertie also appears to be overweight.


Gertie was the oldest out of the two eggs that were hatched to Gavin and his wife. Since then, they made a living by stealing the eggs of other dinosaurs, but at some point, they encountered Buck the weasel, who began interfering with their plans by stealing back the eggs.

When Buck discovered that an asteroid was coming to cause a mass extinction, she goes along with his father's plan to keep him and his friends from diverting it as a means of revenge, believing they'll be safe by flying above the destruction, though her brother is reluctant about it.

After many failed attempts, they finally manage to delay Buck's plan, only to realize that they will not survive the upcoming destruction, causing Gertie to panic and agree with her brother to help stop the asteroid. After diverting asteroid, she and her family attend Peaches' wedding.


Gertie is strong, independent and used to be evil, mean and vengeful. She also loves her father and likes to help her family. Unlike her brother, Roger, Gertie is ferocious and she enjoys helping her father's evil plans. She can also act mean when she picks on her brother as she sees him as almost useless like her father does.

She, alongside her father, both want revenge on Buck, but in the end of the film, Gertie reforms and she, along with her brother convinced their father to not kill Buck and help save the Earth.

Gertie is cowardly at some occasions, such as when Granny was climbing on Gertie causing her to scream. She also freaks out about going extinct, which was the very reason she reforms.



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