Geryon, also known as "Geryon the Timesteed " and "The Timesteed", is a minor villain in the video game; Devil May Cry 3.


Geryon is a demonic horse with blue flames that engulf his hooves, mane, and tail. He also carries a demonic chariot behind him at all time.

Legend of Geryon

Long ago, Geryon was once a horse of legend ridden by countless heroes, until ingesting demonic essence corrupted and empowered him with limited control over time. He leads a ghostly hearse, equipped with a heavy armament.

Devil May Cry 3

When Dante on the bridge above the Underground Arena within the Temen-ni-gru, he encounters a Demonic Horse named Geryon. Geryon challenged Dante in a game of Chicken, trying to ram at Dante. Both Dante and Geryon play chicken for a while until the bridge falls apart, dropping them in an arena. During this fight, Geryon fights by circling Dante and shoot arrows out of his Chariot. Geryon can teleport through portals. And from time to time,Geryon attempted to ram into Dante. Geryon then creates orbs that can slow down time form a few seconds. After Dante defeats Geryon, Geryon presumibly dies and his soul becomes the Style known as; Quicksilver style, which grants Dante to slow time for a short ammount of time.


  • In Greek mythology, Geryon is a giant with three bodies joined to one pair of legs. He appears in the Divine Comedy as a bear-armed dragon with a man's face and a scorpion's tail.


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