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Geshtar is one of the four generals of the Vandole Empire and a major villain in the RPG video game Secret of Mana. He is the second most recurring villain of the story right behind Thanatos himself, the only one who fights without turning into a demon. He later develops a bitter rivalry with the heroes.


Geshtar is as cruel, relentless and violent as Emperor Vandole and his vassals, having no compunction with invading lands or enemy strongholds, quashing opposition and killing anyone who resists him himself or with pet monsters.

But despite this he is the only one with honour, taking prisoners he does not harm, respecting bargains and being unshakably loyal to his liege, believing he failed him by losing to the heroes. He is affable even to foes and praises their merits in earnest, but he arrogantly believes that they are no match for him. Though, he seems more vicious and unstable in the remake.

He grows a bitter hatred of the heroes after their first battle, being willing to destroy his liege's castle if it means taking them down.

Geshtar fights riding a motorized engine full of futuristic weapons, rather at odds with the High Fantasy setting. It can move at high speed to impale foes with its front pike, and fire missiles and lasers of all sorts, with him only casting spells for support.

Role in the story

Geshtar's original artwork

The heroes first meet Geshtar after bringing back the stolen Mana Seed to the Water Temple, only to find out that his imperial soldiers took profit of its lowered magic defences to invade it and take Luka the Water Priestess hostage.

The heroes are forced to relinquish the seed and to let Geshtar break the seal on it, for trying to flee only leads Geshtar to restrain them. Before leaving, he pits them against his pet, the Jabberwocky.

The heroes fighting the Jabberwocky.

  • The Jabberwocky is powerful, but easy to defeat at high-enough level. Its bite knocks the heroes out, its Poison Gas must be cured, and it casts Acid Storm to attack and Cure Water to heal itself. Water Magic heals it but it is vulnerable to Earth spells.

Geshtar is next seen as he leads his soldiers in attacking and annexing the Sand Ship of the Republic of Tasnica in the Kakkara Desert. He recognizes the heroes and battles them as the Mech Rider, only to flee in defeat, with his soldiers taken down by the Tasnican crew.

Geshtar is next seen when the heroes face the Emperor in his castle of Northtown. He begs his liege for a chance to regain his tainted honour and faces them, but ends up mortally wounded. Sore loser as he is, he blows up the entire castle but the heroes are saved by Flammie, the White Dragon of Mana whom they rescued earlier.

The last confrontation happens after Thanatos kills the Emperor he was using all along, to seize the Mana Fortress, the enormously powerful, city-sized, flying airship he needs to take over the world. Thanatos prevents the heroes from following him in the Fortress before he can take full control of it, by pitting them against the Grim Golem Mech Rider. In fact Geshtar, turned into a mindless, undead golem. Revulsed, they destroy him for good and put him out of this miserable state.

Boss Battles

Geshtar as the Mech Rider

When fought for the first time, Geshtar is fast, dashing across the screen and knocking out the heroes on his path and firing missiles. He is faster and moves more erratically in the remake, and fires homing missiles, making dodging harder. He casts Speed Up on himself, but is not very resilient and can be attacked with all spells and weapons.

The second fight makes him faster and gives him the powerful Wave Cannon laser attack, but he is not harder.

In the last fight, he casts Wall on himself, reflecting back all spells cast on him (including the Speed Up he casts on himself) to the heroes. Beware his Diffuser Cannon. Being too fast for weapons to be convenient, it is best to break Wall with Dispel Magic and drain his magic score with Magic Absorb, before pelting him with spells like no tomorrow.


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