Geweih Metzelei is the leader of the Metzelei Invaders and a major villain in Metal Slug Attack.

The strongest of the Metzelei, Geweih's body is capable of generating energy equal to that of the sun, to the point where he can destroy a planet within a day. Because of his immense power, Geweih believes in a "survival of the fittest" ideology and sees those below him as disposable.


Extra Ops

Material Affection

Geweih is briefly mentioned when Franke notifies Annette that he is being prepared for deployment.

United Front the 18th

Upon arriving on Earth, Geweih finds himself faced by the Regular Army, Rebel Army and Ptolemaic Army. The three armies attempt to battle Geweih, but the immense heat generated by him overpowers all who attempt to stand up to him. After incinerating part of Earth, Geweih decides to make the planet a new home for the Invaders and instructs Schwarz and Bloom to guard it while he heads off to destroy other planets.

Gluttony of Disaster

Geweih observed Schwarz Metzelei undergo a transformation process, remarking that she must evolve to survive and if she didn't, it would be a pity.


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