~ Geyzer
Geyzer is a merman appears in Dragon Quest VIII.


Geyzer is an orange merman that has scar on his forehead.


Geyzer appears to be wrathful, since he swore revenge to a fortune teller that throw a crystal ball into his cave and hit his forehead, however, this is understandable since it deal brain damage to the merman, which make him make a lot of speech mistake such as saying  similar word in wrong order, switching the first letters of two words or switching wrong word completely.


Prior ten years before the event of the game, the fortune teller Kaldersaha went to the Waterfall Cave to discard his crystal ball. He would throw it into the waterfall at the end of the cave. However, the crystal ball would ended up hitting the forehead of Geyzer, the master of the cave, which lead to brain damage and constant pain on his head. Geyzer than swore revenge on the 'tortune feller' one day and put the crystal ball near the waterfall, hoping that it will lure the owner out.

In the game, Eight and Yangus will need to get the crystal ball and give it back to Kaldersaha.  So they go into the cave and find the crystal ball at the end. Geyzer than appears and ask if they are the fortune teller. If they answered yes, Geyzer will say that the 'left person' finally arrived and attack the party. Thus triggering the first boss battle.

After defeating Geyzer, the merman realize that the party are not 'tortune feller' since they are too strong to be one. He than show them the flashback of Trodian Castle getting cursed and find out that Eight is person who survived. Geyzer than admitted 'dehands' and give the party the 'brystal call'. He than leaves but not before telling the party if they meet the fortune teller, they should tell him not to throw things in the 'fallwater'.


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