Ghaleon the Magic Emperor

Ghaleon the Magic Emperor

Ghaleon (also known by his alter-ego, the "Magic Emperor") serves as the true antagonist of the Japanese RPG videogame Lunar: The Silver Star Story.


Ghaleon was an evil and traitorous opponent who sought to take over the world and enslave all other beings to his will. he also had a past history with the legendary Dragon Master of old but betrayed his legacy in favor of a warmongering lifestyle complete with dark sorcery and vile magicks. When the goddess Althena believed she could leave power to humans and took a human form, Ghaleon was enraged and believed that humanity needed a divine being, and saught to become that leader. 

In the sequel Lunar 2 Eternal Blue, he is revived by the dark god Zophar (who seeks to destroy Lunar) and serves as Zophar's minion. He appears to be an antagonist, and fights the party, but it is revealed he was secrelty manipulating Zophar and had been helping the heroes the whole time. His harsh words and manipulation of the heroes was an attempt at trying to goad them to use the same human spirit that was used to defeat him, which he believes will be able to stop Zophar. He dies an honorable death, and his last words were remiscing about Dyne.