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Boy, fight! Wear yourself thin fighting puppets and shadows!
~ Gharnef
You want to die? Pity, you should take better care of your fragile life.
~ Gharnef

Gharnef is a major antagonist in the Fire Emblem series. He is a dark sorcerer who schemes to rule the world. He allies himself with Medeus, the Shadow Dragon, to help him accomplish this goal. In battle, he wields the dark tome Imhullu.


Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and Mystery of the Emblem

Gharnef was one of the major antagonists in Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon. Gharnef stole Falchion- the sword that Marth must use to slay Medeus- from Marth's father King Cornelius after he died (In the anime, Gharnef killed King Cornelius himself). Gharnef also possesses the Divine Dragon princess Tiki, the manakete whose powers are required to defeat the manaketes who serve Medeus. After obtaining Starlight, the light magic capable of overcoming Imhullu, Marth's army manages to kill Gharnef and retrieving Falchion- in his dying words, Gharnef states that he will be waiting for Marth and his army in Hell for when Medeus sends them there.

In Mystery of the Emblem, however, Gharnef is resurrected by an item called the Darksphere. He tries to resurrect Medeus in an attempt to rule the world. He gives the Darksphere to King Hardin, a former ally of Marth's in the previous game. It begins to corrupt his nature, and Hardin begins to lead an army to take over the continent.

Fire Emblem Anime

Gharnef first appears in the anime when he personally kills King Cornelius, Marth's father, by impaling him with his magic.

Fire Emblem Awakening

Gharnef does not appear in the main story, but as a Sorcerer SpotPass unit. He also stars in the Xenologues Lost Bloodlines and Rogues & Redeemers, fighting among the Akaneian armies and villains, respectively.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Gharnef appears as a support spirit that increases the player's fire and explosive attacks. His spirit battle is a timed battle against Robin who favors using his down special (Nosferatu) on a sleep-floor inducing Battlefield form of the Unova Pokémon League stage.



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