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Ghent and Nordic are two minor villains in the video game Professor Layton and the Last Specter. They are the minions of Bram in Jean Descole's henchmen-trio.


As Bram was told by Levin Jakes to get rid of Professor Layton and his companions, Ghent and Nordic joined him to beat them up in one of Misthallerys streets. However, Emmy was stronger than all three of them and knocked them unconscious, one after another. As opposed to Bram, they were not seen again later.


Ghent and Nordic don't seem to have advanced fighting skills as Bram, however, they are not as stupid as he is, Nordic is even an evil genius, who is highly valued by Descole. Despite his rough appearance, Ghent has a passion for cute things.

Powers and Abilities

Ghent has a muscular body like Bram, while Nordic has a high-level genius intellect.


  • Nordic's appearance resembles that of Don Paolo, being a long-nosed evil genius in a trench coat that bears a high collar.


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