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Ghetsis is the main antagonist of the Pokémon Adventures manga arcs Black & White and Black & White 2. He also proves himself far worse than his video game counterpart, with a far longer list of sometimes darker crimes.


Similar to his video game counterpart, Ghetsis has long green hair with three parts pointing out sideways and skywards. He appears to have a brown-or-red eye and a monocle with a red lens.

In his first attire, Ghetsis wore a white robe with a gold and black coat over it. He also had the Team Plasma emblem and black shoes. During the Black & White 2 arc, he had a black business suit and a cloak with various eye designs. He generally has the exact same design as his game counterpart overall.


During the Black & White arc, Ghetsis first appears asking the Shadow Triad about the whereabouts of N and learns from them that he is in Karakusa Towwn's suburbs fighting Black, learning that a formula that previously was not able to be solved was solved.

The fourth chapter of the arc opens up with Ghetsis stating up the crowning ceremony for N as the king of Team Plasma as part of the supposed goal of liberating Pokémon.

After Black defeats N, White starts to suspect he is connected to Team Plasma with a flashback showing Ghetsis, while she tolerated speeches from them, she did not take kindly to the evil intent they have in store.

After one of the Team Plasma grunts captures the Dark Stone for Ghetsis, the sage takes it to N as part of his plan.


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