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Ghetsis is an antagonist of the Pokémon Generations web video series and the main antagonist of the 13th to the 15th episodes. He manages to be a darker version of his main counterpart.

He is voiced by Shō Hayami in the Japanese version, and by Patrick Seitz in the English dub.


Ghetsis appears similarly to how he looked in Pokémon Black & White 2.


As with the games, Ghetsis is a power-hungry madman willing to do anything to ensure his goals are met, including freezing a city, so he can take over the world. He even cares nothing for N, as he attempts to kill him with his Pokemon.


The Uprising

Iris is rushing towards the palace when she witnesses a lightning strike tear apart the ground to reveal a larger construct where one of the sages announce that those who go against fate will face extermination while another sage announces that not correcting a mistake will be another mistake. Another sage proclaims that only superior men know what is right while another proclaims only one sun can can rise over the people. All of this is in accordance to Ghetsis's plan to reign over Unova.

Initially, Iris tried to put a stop to this madness with the aid of her Pokémon Generations, but soon the other gym leaders of Unova arrive to aid her in stopping this. What Ghetsis planned, Drayden has no reason to forgive it. In response, the sages who were gathered in this place do not back off as Ghetsis has chosen them for his plan. This culminates in a battle between Team Battle and the Gym Leaders.

The Frozen World

Sometime after the battle, Team Plasma raid a city, explicitly showing that the many civilians there are at risk of dying in the battle, with one person getting blown away by an explosion. Soon, Team Plasma's airship flies over the city in order to fire its Kyurem-powered freeze cannon over the city, with one of the sages demanding Drayden to hand over the DNA splicers. Afterwards, Colress fires another beam onto the city, freezing the population in solid ice in front of Drayden while Colress picks the sage up.

The King Returns

Following the attack on the city, Ghetsis tells Kyurem to increase its power in order to cover all of Unova in ice when N and Reshiram intervene in response to Kyurem's suffering, not being able to tolerate people like him doing this.

N explains he learned how to live as a human in Unova and to respect the harmony between man and Pokémon. Ghetsis does not find the teachings he gave N a complete loss and activates the DNA Splicers to fuse Reshiram with Kyurem, much to N's shock. As N did not become king for Ghetsis's schemes, the latter orders the fused Kyurem to freeze N to death. Ghetsis snaps as N would not become a tool to the former's scheme of domination. Before Ghetsis can succeed in killing him, Hilbert, the male protagonist of the first game, arrives on Zekrom to stop Ghetsis from killing N.

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