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Jöste Nillsen, better known as Ghost, is the main antagonist of the 2014 buddy cop movie 22 Jump Street. He is a notorious drug lord who is the biggest trafficker of illegal goods in Metro City and he is the father of Mercedes.

He was portrayed by Peter Stormare, who also played Gaear Grimsrud in Fargo, Sir Slicer in Adventure Time, Werner Zytle in Arrow, Torsten in False Trail, Abram Tarasov in John Wick: Chapter 2, Lucifer Morningstar in Constantine, Dino Velvet in 8mm and Dracula in The Batman vs. Dracula.


During the opening of the film, Jenko and Schmidt pose as interested Hispanic buyers of Ghost's goods. However, their cover is blown when an octopus inside one of the crates latches onto Schmidt's face and inks into his mouth, causing the duo to lose their accents. Ghost and his men manage to escape arrest and are not shown until much later in the film when Schmidt spies on them in the college library. 

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Ghost owns his drug called WHYPHY which student dies in the collage and his daughter Mercedes was roommate of his enemy Capt. Dickson 's daughter Maya in near climax Ghost holding Jenko as his hostage and shoot him on his chest before Ghost tried escaped to helicopter Jenko jump it but struggled with injured arm caused a pain and manged thrown grenade which kills Ghost. 

During the credits of the film, a mock sequel is shown entitled 34 Jump Street: Return of The Ghost with a vignette showing Ghost surfacing from the ocean where the helicopter crashed after Jenko caused it to explode. 


  • Ghost is the only villain of the Jump Street franchise that his final fate is ambiguous. Mr. Walters and Eric Molson were arrested and Domingo was killed in 21 Jump Street; his henchmen (along his pilot) and the Mexican dealers were incapacitated and killed during the fight in Puerto Mexico, and Mercedes Nillsen was arrested by Captain Dickson in 22 Jump Street.
    • However, it is confirmed that all the mock-sequels (including 34 Jump Street: Return of the Ghost) that appear at the credits of 22 Jump Street are canonical and will be explained in MiB 23, implying that the Ghost likely survived the explosion of his helicopter, but it is unknown if his pilot suffered the same luck).
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