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Ghost is the fifth and final boss that appears in Wario Land II in the last segment (or the 5th level) of the chapter Uncanny Mansion in Chapter 5's 5th level called Capture the Ghost!. It resembles the ghost of a spider-bat creature. If Wario enters Ghost's room, it appears that Ghost snatched Captain Syrup and locked her in a Secret Room. When Ghost returns, he looks around, and the battle begins. It takes 4 hits to defeat this boss.


The Ghost's method of attack is that he recedes off screen to the top and then drops himself from above as if tethered to the ceiling by a bungee cord. His attack is trying to grab Wario when he comes down. Wario must hit him with a Dash Attack to do damage, which requires Wario to dodge his attack and then follow it up with the attack. In total, four hits must be made. In the first hit, The Ghost will only drop straight down, however, in every subsequent hit, he will only drop down if Wario is standing perfectly still, otherwise he will swoop down in a swinging motion to try and snag Wario. During the first three hits, there is a visible lag between his attacks which gives Wario time to get ready to dodge, however on the fourth hit, the lag is removed and he will endlessly drop to try and grab Wario, however Wario can still tackle him, and once one more blow is done, he falls from the ceiling.


Ghost appears to a hybrid of a spider and a bat. In addition, he is a ghost of the creature. He is like an eerie trifecta of the stuff that nightmares are made of. When Ghost snatches Wario, he'll place him in a room above the battlefield. Wario must then make his way back to his room to continue battling Ghost.



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