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Let's play.
~ The Ghost Girl

The Ghost Girl is a specter who serves as the main antagonist of the episode "Ghoul Daze!", the 90th episode of the Diamond & Pearl series, and the 38th episode of the eleventh season of the Pokémon series, "Pokémon DP: Battle Dimension". She is an evil spirit that tries to capture humans and bring them to the spirit world.

In the Japanese dub, she was voiced by Ikue Ohtani, who also provided the voice of Pikachu, and in the English dub, she was voiced by Michele Knotz.


The Ghost Girl is a spirit who looks like a little girl with fair skin, black hair in a bob which hides her eyes, magenta-purple glowing eyes, yellow and orange short sleeveless dress and pink and yellow slippers.


The Ghost Girl is a spirit who is originally from the spirit world. When the portal to the real world had opened, she went to the real world, and wandered the Summit Ruins in Sinnoh in order to capture people and lure them into the spirit world.

In "Ghoul Daze!", she first appears in the bushes, waving her hands and asking a guy named Conway to play with her. She hypnotizes Conway, and lures him to a cliff, but a Dusknoir saves Conway and the Ghost Girl disappears.

Later, she comes across a Meowth, who is the Meowth from Team Rocket, and tries to lure him with food. Meowth is hypnotized by the Ghost Girl, but before he can follow her, the Dusknoir appears and prevents the Meowth from following her, and the Ghost Girl disappears.

Later, she comes across a boy and a girl named Ash and Angie, respectively, and lure them to the Summit Ruins and to a mysterious cave, which was actually the entrance to the spirit world. When the Dusknoir attacked her, Ash and Angie battled the Dusknoir in order to protect her.

However, the Ghost Girl then opens the portal to the spirit world and tries to suck Ash and Angie to the spirit world, but the Dusknoir appears and proceeds to protect Ash and Angie. The Dusknoir then turns around and blasts the Ghost Girl, sending her back into the spirit world and sealing the entrance, as Ash and Angie realize in shock that the Dusknoir was trying to protect them all along, and Conway realizes in shock that his "partner" was a ghost.

It is unknown what happened to the Ghost Girl after this, but it can be assumed that she was trapped forever in the spirit world.



  • Her Japanese voice actress, Ikue Ohtani, is famous for providing the voice of Pikachu in the Pokémon Anime and the "Pika!" sound in the Pokémon Games. In the anime, aside from Pikachu, Ikue Ohtani also voiced Sawyer from Pokémon the Series: XY.

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