Ghost Man is a one-shot villain from the TV series Adventure Time. His only Villainous role was in the episode "Blood Under the Skin".

He is voiced by Steve Little.


When Finn and Jake go on a quest to find the Armor of Zeldron they come upon the Ghost Man. He states that in order to get by him they need to beat him in a game of Drop Ball. Where you have to pick up a ball with your buttocks then let it drop to score a point. However, Finn is so embarrassed by the game that he can't do it, so the Ghost Man decides to teach him some pointers unaware that Finn and Jake sneaked past him to get the armor.

The Ghost Man later find out what happen then kicks down the door to confront Finn and Jake. He is so mad by them refusing to watch his Drop Ball technique that he transform into a scarier ghost and starts to suck Finn's soul. Jake then defeats by putting on the Armor of Zeldron (which is lady armor), which makes the Ghost Man think Jake is his Mother. Jake then orders the Ghost Man to go outside which frees him from the addiction of Drop Ball and makes him Mortal again. He then mocks Sir Slicer for being weak along with Finn and Jake.

Makes a cameo appearance in "Paper Pete" reading a book in the library. He makes another cameo in "The Lich" playing with a Paddle Ball.


  • Ghost Man's addiction to Drop Ball is inspired by Marc Griffin and his enthusiasm for "Bulletball," the sport he invented.
  • He is the only ghostly figure known to walk instead of floating
  • He appears in "Sound Castle 2" as the second enemy
  • He also appears in "Legends of Ooo" where Finn and Jake must return his Drop Ball to scare off an ogre.


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