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The Ghost Ship Minosaur is a Ghost Ship-themed Minosaur that was created by the Druidon Tribe from the negative emotions of Emiko, an ex-girlfriend of Bamba from 50 years ago, and a teacher of Kentaro, based on her desire to see a unique rainbow-colored seashell, found only from the beaches of Mitama town, with which she used to remember him by in the past and was the main antagonist in episode 17 of 2019 TV series called Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger.


The Ghost Ship Minosaur made its first appearance at the beach where it captured MosaRex with its net. A while later it was at the park with Kureon and Wizeru admiring the mecha that they caught and Wizeru used hypnotism on the captured MosaRex, as for the Ghost Ship Minosaur it tunneled back towards the beach.

Speaking of which it appeared at the beach where it made a sand storm at the Japanese citizens. However it battled Towa and Bamba when the arrived at the beach to stop its mayhem after that it fired a sand shot at the two, so it can make a getaway.

A while later it appeared at another beach-like location digging in the sand for the rare and unique rainbow-colored seashell and it was founded by Kureon along with the Ryusoulgers. So it battled the Dino Knights and it fired a cannonball made out of sand at Koh, but it was deflected by Tyramigo. However it fired more rounds of its cannonballs at the group and Tyramigo thus burying the Robotic T-Rex Koh and Asuna in the sands and when Melt used Mist Soul to free them it made much harder to get them out.

As that happens the Ghost Ship Minosaur gained even more negative emotions from its host (who was at a hospital) and grows to giant size, so it fought with Kishiryuoh TigerLance however due to the sand that are in Tyramigo's joints its harder for them to battle the Ghost Ship Minosaur properly and then they were trapped in a net. However with the arrival of a new Dino Knight called SpinoThunder they were freed from the net and gains the advantage when the Ghost Ship Minosaur is tunneling underground after that it was then destroyed by this finisher called Tiger Sonic Lance.


  • The top half of the Ghost Ship Minosaur resembles the Captain Ghost from the 2016 TV series called Kamen Rider Ghost.

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