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Ghost Witch is a monster who served as the main antagonist of 2017 video game Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time. Ghost Witch is in fact, the corrupted form and alter-ego of Molly McIntyre, a Luna Nova student from Golden Magic Age era who afflicted with Curse of Time.



Powers and Abilities



Originally an introvert and lonely Golden Magic Age-era Luna Nova student who barely able to use magic, Molly turned to an immense Time Magic hidden in Horologium Chamber, a secret chamber beneath the academy's library, which helped her improving her magical skills. But it was not enough for the young witch as her inability to tell anyone about the chamber resulted Molly to isolate herself from her peers. Wanting to start over, Molly recklessly attempted to use the Chamber's Time Magic to go back in time right before she enrolled at Luna Nova only to be afflicted with Curse of Time. The curse was not only resulted memories pertaining her in everyone to be periodically reset, but also corrupted her into Ghost Witch, prompting Luna Nova Professors at that time to lock away her Ghost Witch half and separated it into seven fragments (six of them being stored within her Classic Witch Set while the seventh and last within Time Void behind Sealed Door of Horologium Chamber) as part of the procedure to save her. Without her corrupted half, Molly begins to forget her identity and continue enrolled at Luna Nova for two centuries unknown to everybody as memories pertaining her periodically reset once a year due to her curse.

Things eventually changed during Akko's first year at Luna Nova, specifically during the first day of said year's summer holiday. As the magic seal placed over Horologium Chamber specifically designed to erode the Curse of Time that afflicted Molly is about to complete its task, its hold over the seventh Ghost Witch fragment at the Chamber's Time Void begins to weaken, allowing Molly to remember who she was. Under the fragment's influence, Molly manipulates Akko to unseal Horologium Chamber and retrieving the splintered Ghost Witch fragments, all while undoing the Japanese and her friends' attempt to break the resulted time loop. Shortly after retrieving all but the seventh fragment, Molly, now completely under her corrupted persona's influence, attempted to persuade Akko to help her recovering the last fragment after the latter discovered her insulting the dreams of her human self's roommates Elsa and Amelia. When that fails thanks to Ursula's interference, Molly-Ghost Witch is forced to retreat, but not without scattering Akko's Chariot cards to make the Japanese feel the same despair she went through and cover her escape.

By the time Akko and co. confronted her, Molly has reclaimed the last Ghost Witch fragments and confronted her in her true, skeletal corrupted form towering over the gang. Although severely handicapped by Horologium Chamber's magic seal, Ghost Witch proved herself more powerful than any monsters the gang encounter up until that point. Despite this, Akko and her friends able to press on, and eventually defeated the monster Molly had become in the end. With the Chamber's seal has completed its purpose and thus Molly completely freed from the Curse of Time, the Ghost Witch is no more.


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