Ghost of Scrapyard
is a powerful giant monster from the video game City of Villains who leads the Scrapyarders in their quest to free themselves from the oppressive Cage Consortium despite being a ghost - his strength lies in the fact that when he spawns he gathers a huge mob of Scrapyarders to rally with him: out of all the giant monsters in the game the Ghost of Scrapyard is definitely the most sympathetic and he isn't so much a villain as a hero who has been pushed over the edge and is now a vengeful spirit seeking justice.


Genuinely dedicated to freeing the scrapyard workers from oppressive conditions by the Cage Consortium, Scrapyard led a group of enraged miners across the island, rallying supporters to their cause. The pinnacle of this rebellion was the ill-fated protest march through the streets of Sharkhead. Unknown to Scrapyard and his followers, Cage had hired a local pirate and bounty hunter known as Captain Mako to stop the march. In order to halt the protest, Mako attacked Scrapyard with vicious precision. Although grievously injured, Scrapyard continued to lead the workers and so Mako tormented him, attacking again and again as he struggled through the streets. Bloodied and broken, Scrapyard led the horrified miners to the now infamous Pier 7 where Mako finally dismembered him. This act of brutal cruelty drew the attention of Lord Recluse who sought out Mako, seeking to harness this feral killer for himself.

Scrapyard's ghost can now be found wandering the streets of Sharkhead Isle. Scrapyarders will rally behind him in their protest against the Cage Consortium and their working conditions.

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