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Fu! We are the ghosts of the Order of the Guardians of the Miraculous. You caused our downfall and lost two Miraculous!
~ The Ghosts of the Order of the Guardians to Wang Fu

The Ghosts of the Order of the Guardians are minor antagonists in the Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir episode, "Sandboy". They are ghosts that are Wang Fu's nightmares brought to life by Sandboy, one of Hawk Moth's Akumatized villains.


Marinette arrives at Master Fu's workshop and sneaks past a sleeping Master Fu. She tries to open the Miracle Box in an attempt to contact Tikki but doesn't know the code. Seeing no other options, she wakes Master Fu up, who becomes haunted by the ghosts of the Order of the Guardians who blame him for their downfall and the loss of two Miraculouses. The Nightmare Adrien also breaks in through the door. Master Fu urges Marinette to transform, but she cannot because Tikki is inside the Miracle Box and there is no way to contact the Kwamis when they're in there. Meanwhile, Adrien becomes trapped by more and more cage bars in the Agreste mansion. Unable to transform without Plagg, Adrien screams for his father. Hawk Moth notes that Sandboy is turning Paris into a huge nightmare and yet is confused by the absence of Ladybug and Cat Noir. Suddenly, he receives the Kwamis' communication. The Kwamis are shocked to find that they have contacted Hawk Moth instead of Nooroo. Realizing what they are up to, Hawk Moth declares that he is going to find the Kwamis and make them his slaves before attempting to locate them. However, the Kwamis cut off the signal before Hawk Moth can pinpoint their exact location. Wayzz realizes that they cannot contact Nooroo because he's powering Hawk Moth, meaning that someone has been Akumatized. Tikki, Plagg, and Wayzz quickly rush out of the Miracle Box and to their owners. They find Marinette, Master Fu, and the Nightmare Adrien. Aware that the latter is not the real one, Plagg takes off to the Agreste mansion while Tikki and Wayzz go to their owners. Wayzz apologizes to Master Fu about not telling him what they were doing and Tikki helps Marinette transform into Ladybug.

It is unknown what happened to the ghosts following the defeats of Sandboy, Nightmare Adrien, The Nightmare Dough, and Nightmare Ladybug, but since the unnamed boy/Sandboy was turned back to normal because of the Miraculous Ladybug, it is likely that they disappeared from the real world, although their existence is probably still intact in Master Fu's nightmares.


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