Ghouls are enemies featured in the original Alone in the Dark videogame. They are most likely the former servants of Jeremy Hartwood that have now been enslaved by the influence of Preist or have been one of the victims that were killed previously.

They have an appetite for human flesh, which could be used as an advantage in one instance. Ghouls are the most common enemy the player encounters in the first Alone In the Dark. Often throughout the game, they appear unexpectedly and attack the player while he or she is busy investigating a room. It is very common for the player to open a close door and to suddenly see a Ghoul pop up and attack him or her.

Ghouls have a much longer range in comparison with other enemies in Alone In the Dark. Their range is long enough that they could safely hit the player without getting punched back. Therefore, it is best to employ kicks against the Ghouls as the player's characters kicking range is farther than the Ghoul's attack range.

One very effective combo against Ghouls is to kick them, then quickly run at them while they are recovering from being hit, then start throwing hooks. As soon as the Ghoul starts recovering, do a kick to push them away. Then repeat the combo. Because they are so slow and easy to kill, it is recommended that the player does not waste ammo on the Ghouls and instead engage and kill it in melee combat.