The Giant Amoeba is the final antagonist in Ivan Reitman's 2001 sci-fi comedy movie Evolution.


The Giant Amoeba is a colossal manifestation of Genus lifeform, Nitrogen-based alien species from unknown origin. In appearance, it resembles an amoeba that enlarged million times from their original size to the point it was around side of mountain.

The only thing that can destroy it is Selenium.


This lifeform, alongside other Genuses in the movie, arrives on Earth inside a meteorite. Near the end of the film, the military try to destroy the aliens by sending them large amounts of napalm. However, the explosion makes them grow up even more quickly, resulting the manifestation of Giant Amoeba that becomes so huge that it crushes all its congeners. Now mountain-sized, the Giant Amoeba escaped makes a lot of damage in the surrounding city and kills several militaries before began duplicate itself. However, the protagonists arrives armed with Selenium. They successfully poisons the Giant Amoeba, which makes it explode.

In Alienators: Evolution continues, Giant Amoeba was shown in stock footage at the first episode, though its color was changed into pink.



  • The director's commentary on the film Evolution explains that Genus lifeform that would emerged during the climax supposed to be an ultimate lifeform that evolved beyond primates and beyond humans as the final antagonist. However, they feels that the said Ultimate Genus Lifeform may not huge enough in size to made it terrifying upon its emergence due to the course of Genus lifeforms' evolution at that moment, so they replaced it with a giant amoeba.
    • The TV Series sequel of the film revealed the said ultimate lifeform though, which protagonists identifed as SCOPES.
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