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The Giant Boa is an antagonist that appeared in the 1976 monster film King Kong. It is a giant boa constrictor that attempts to kill King Kong.

Its vocal sound effects were provided by James J. Klinger.


After King Kong brought Dwan back to his lair and prepared to undress her, he is suddenly confronted and attacked by a giant boa constrictor as it slithers out of the darkness. Kong lunges at the serpent and violently fights it in order to keep it away from Dwan while protecting her. However, the boa constricted itself around Kong and tried to crush him to death with its muscular coils. 

While the giant ape is distracted, Jack Prescott arrived to witness the fight and managed to rescue Dwan. When Kong saw Prescott take his beloved Dwan away, he became enraged, knocked the snake off with his brute strength and grabbed the boa's jaws, snapping them apart and killing it instantly. Kong then tossed the giant snake's corpse aside before chasing his bride back to the village on the outskirts of the jungle.


Despite being in the film for a short time, it's assumed that the snake is a great predator that kills without remorse. The Giant Boa also showed itself to be determined, constricting around Kong to crush him, and going after Dwan relentlessly. In addition, the snake was highly intelligent, stalking its victims before attacking.



  • The giant boa is the only monster along with King Kong in the 1976 remake. Unlike previous versions, Kong never battles with any dinosaurs in the 1976 remake and his fight with the giant boa is the only monster in the film.
  • The way in which Kong kills the giant boa by snapping apart its jaws is similar to him breaking a Tyrannosaurus rex's jaws in the 1933 film.
  • The Giant Boa might have been the incarnation to a cave serpent that King Kong fought from the 1933 film.


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