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Giant Hamster (real name: Petey) is a hamster who was mutated by Professor Sherman Klump's worst enemy Buddy Love who stolen the good professor's Youth Formula in his greedy schemes and a character in a famous comedic American movie Nutty Professor 2: The Klumps.


The well-mannered Professor Sherman Klump is showing the whole world his discovery, of shrinking. Sherman's participant is a hamster. Once the hamster tried the liquid of shrinking, the hamster instantly became younger and smaller. Everyone was in shock, applauding to Sherman.

As the hamster started to have sex with a female hamster that was next to him. Everyone laughed. After some time, the hamster quickly turns into a giant hamster. Everyone was traumatized.As the hamster released a loud scary roar. Quickly everyone got scared, screaming, running away from the giant hamster. Eventually, the hamster smells the female hamster, running away. He quickly became aggressive, because he couldn't find the female hamster.

Dean Richmond screamed to shoot the hamster. One police man was close to shoot the hamster. As the hamster quickly rotated, taking huge poop out of it's ass. Totally breaking everything, the poop even hit a police man into his stomach. Eventually Dean didn't had any choice to escape. He placed a white furry jacket on him, to hide from the hamster. Once the giant hamster saw Dean. He saw a female hamster in front of him. At the end, the hamster went behind Dean. Dean begged not to harm him, but the hamster pushed his organ inside of Dean.


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